Netflix's Sabrina Just Cast A Satan-Possessed Teacher

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The Sabrina family just got a little bigger. It's full speed ahead for the untitled Netflix series, which is a Riverdale spin off based on the Archie comics, which has just cast another important character: Sabrina's (Kiernan Shipka) favourite teacher, Mary Wardell. According to Deadline, British actress Michelle Gomez (Bad Education, Doctor Who) will take on the complicated role — complicated because Wardell gets possessed by the devil's handmaiden, Madam Satan, and ends up turning into a dark and manipulative influence whose sole motive is to lure Sabrina down the Path of Night. Whatever that means.
This is our first hint of a potential villain in the Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa led series, who sounds like she would get along swimmingly with Riverdale's Geraldine Grundy, who had a habit of sleeping with students before she escaped to another town and met her own dark fate.
Deadline also reported that another British actor, Chance Perdomo, has been cast in the series as Ambrose Spellman, Sabrina's magical cousin who hails from across the pond. The twist? He's been placed under house arrest by the Witches Council and must live with the Spellman family. He becomes Sabrina's close pal and adventurer. This sounds similar to the character of Salem The Cat in the ABC interpretation of the comics, Sabrina The Teenage Witch. In the early 2000s show, Salem was a man sentenced to 100 years as a cat for trying to take over the world, forced to live with the Spellman family but getting into trouble with Sabrin along the way. This suggests that maybe the Salem The Cat that was revealed by Aguirre-Sacasa last week might be nothing more than a house pet.
If so, my dreams are shattered, but it's fine. There's still a whole lot more to look forward to.
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