If You Think Kylie Jenner Might Actually Not Be Pregnant, You're Not Alone

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage
Kim Kardashian West may have just welcomed a baby girl into the world via surrogacy, but the Kardashian Baby Kraze is far from over. Khloé Kardashian is still very much pregnant and happy, and Kylie Jenner, well, no one knows what is going on with her — and TMZ is definitely not helping to settle any rumours.
On Thursday, the gossip site posted both a photo and a video of the youngest Jenner hanging out with her mom, Kris, and her bestie, Jordyn Woods at a construction site in the L.A. area. Immediately, fans dissected every piece of the footage, from Jenner's baggy black sweats and top to the way she got into the passenger's seat of a shiny SUV. The claim here is that Jenner's belly is visibly larger than normal and therefore must be carrying a human child.
Here's the problem, though: She doesn't even look that pregnant in any of the posted media. Honestly, she just looks like a woman wearing a loose-fitting shirt who's out for a stroll! Others are just as confused, taking their thoughts to Twitter.
These kinds of speculations aren't new, of course. Just a few days ago, the Kardashian Krew posed for a series of Calvin Klein ads. Though the sisters kicked back with their stomachs exposed, Kylie wrapped herself in a blanket to avoid showing much skin. Not wanting to pose half-naked for the camera? Must be pregnant!
Before that, Jenner riled up her fans by not making an appearance in the Kardashian holiday card, a tradition as sacred to some as decorating the Christmas tree. What could cause her to opt out of the family festivities? Pregnancy, of course! (Or so many claimed.)
One of the above commenters raised a valid point. Perhaps Jenner simply "needs a break from fame" and is taking a bit of time to explore what life is like out from underneath the spotlight. After all, she was only 10-years-old when Keeping Up With The Kardashians launched her into the public eye, meaning all of her most formative teenage years played out in front of millions. Now that she's 20, she could simply want to "find herself" in peace.
Or, who knows, maybe she's just so fed up with all of the media speculation that she's purposefully making us guess. Either way, Jenner shouldn't feel pressured to reveal anything about herself she doesn't want the world knowing. It's as simple as that.
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