Kylie Jenner Hiding Her Belly In These Ads Is Basically A Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein.
Well, the government's kaput for now, so we might as well turn our eyes to the newest KarJenner family photo. (Actually, even if the government were up and running, I'd be on the KarJenner beat, but still! It's fun to pretend!) The family posed for the first official photo of their Calvin Klein campaign. It's the whole family — at least, the most prominent members. There's Kim, there's Khloé, there's Kendall, and there's Kourtney. There's also Kylie, who's been keeping a low profile ever since we heard that she might be pregnant. Presumably, she's trying to keep the pregnancy under wraps by staying out of paparazzi photos. So, these Calvin Klein advertisements are a unique opportunity. Kylie Jenner was photographed! In the flesh! Possibly pregnant!
Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein.
Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein.
After having reviewed the photos, we must admit that Kylie is probably pregnant. In each photo — there are three in total — her stomach is strategically covered. In one photo, she holds a blanket over her body. She's also dressed in all black, while her sisters wear white. In another, Kylie wears denim and hides behind Khloé. And in the last one, all the sisters are virtually naked and lying on a blanket. Except Kylie. Kylie's wearing a blanket.
This could all come down to expert art direction, of course. I'm no art director — what if that blanket was vital to the artistic integrity of the shoot?
But something about this stinks of classic Hollywood baby-hiding. Remember when Julia Louis-Dreyfus was pregnant on Seinfeld and she hid behind fridges? Or when Angela Kinsey was pregnant on The Office and she mostly hid behind desks? Or, even worse, when Jane Leeves was pregnant on Frasier and the show pretended that she had a "binge eating" problem? We've been here before, Kylie. Don't try to fool us again.
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