Kylie Jenner Let Her BFF Do Her Makeup Blindfolded — & It Didn't End Well

Letting your friends do your makeup during a night in can be fun, and — depending on his or her level of cosmetic expertise — might even shift the focus of the evening from gossip and wine to a valuable beauty lesson. So whether you're learning a new technique or two or simply showing off your own skills, there's seemingly no downside in hosting an impromptu glam session with friends — unless, of course, you throw a blindfold in the mix.
That's exactly what went down in Kylie Jenner and BFF Jordyn Woods' most recent YouTube video: the reality star let Woods do her makeup while she was blindfolded.
After announcing that she can't see a damn thing with the mask on, Woods starts applying foundation with a Beautyblender — using the "less is more" application technique in case things go awry (spoiler alert: they do). Next she brings out the concealer to brighten up Jenner's eye area. Blindfolded, the under eye concealer becomes upper lip concealer — not as effective.
When it comes to Jenner's brows, blush, and contour, Woods does a surprisingly okay job. (For the latter, she blindly chose a flattering bronze shade from the Koko Collection Face Palette — sheer luck!) But things start to go really wrong when she moves on to the eyeshadow and lip products.
First, she chooses a purple shade from the Royal Peach Palette to smear across Jenner's entire eyelid. Very retro. But lips is where Woods really messes up: Despite having a pretty big landing pad to work with, the Leo lip kit, a dark burgundy shade, ends up all over the outside of Jenner's mouth — looking like the aftermath of a red wine-filled girl's night gone a few glasses too far.
What we gained from watching this video? A few laughs — and maybe a party game to spice up our next night in with friends.
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