Peter Dinklage Just Got Brutal About The End Of Game Of Thrones & I'm Genuinely Hurt

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
It feels like much of life is about wanting time to speed up and slow down at the same time. I'm of course talking about the final season of Game Of Thrones, which feels so far away with its 2019 release date, but whose arrival would mean the end is nigh. The only person not struggling with this, however, is Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion on the show. He told Variety that he welcomes the show's conclusion — even though it will be sad to say goodbye.
"It’s bittersweet when it’s time to move on with everything," he said at Variety’s Sundance Film Festival studio. "It’s always the sad part of our business, because you get pockets of great people for short amounts of time and then you have to move on and it’s always heartbreaking. Especially when you’ve spent more than a couple months with people."
Put simply, however, "it's time."
"Storywise," he clarified. "Not just for all our lives. It’s the perfect time to end it. Sometimes shows stay on a little too long, the jumping-the-shark thing."
Ouch, I wasn't ready for that! However, if you think that might mean production is breezing through filming, don't expect the show to come to our screens any earlier.
"It’s the final season, and it’s a long one so we’re taking our time," he said.
Dinklage has wasted no time getting his foot in the door with other projects. He was the narrator in the David S. Pumpkins Halloween special ("We told him it was rhyme narration because we wanted it to have a storybook quality to it," writer Streeter Seidell said about how they asked him to narrate. "And he wrote back in rhyme agreeing to do it.") and he's starring alongside Elle Fanning in the upcoming post-apocalypse film I Think We're Alone Now. According to IMDb, he's also rumoured to have a role in Avengers: Infinity War.
Watch Dinklage's Variety interview below!
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