Peter Dinklage Is Going To Narrate A Halloween Spectacular

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Get ready, because two of our favorite things are coming back: Peter Dinklage and David S. Pumpkins. It's been awhile since we've seen both gentlemen, with the Game Of Thrones' latest season wrapping up back in August and Saturday Night Live's now-famous "Haunted Elevator" sketch airing a year ago on Monday, but this weekend they're returning for the ultimate collaboration.
Thanks to an oral history of David S. Pumpkins published in Vulture on Monday, we now know all the details when it comes to the sketch's creation, but we also got the scoop on an upcoming project: the David S. Pumpkins Halloween special.
"One day in November, Mikey [Day] came into the office and said, 'We should do an animated Halloween special that’s David S. Pumpkins,'" remembers Streeter Seidell, one of the writers of the sketch.
"It’s Halloween night, a boy and his sister encounter David Pumpkins and needless to say, it’s not your typical Halloween night," added Mikey Day, another of the sketch's writers and current featured player on the variety show. "There’s some scary stuff in there. There’s a song."
And there's also: Peter Dinklage.
"Then we emailed Peter Dinklage, because we had a great time with him doing 'Space Pants,'" Day remembers, referring to the sketch when Dinklage hosted in which he wears a white bob wig and does the robot while singing about space pants.
"We told him it was rhyme narration because we wanted it to have a storybook quality to it," Seidell said. "And he wrote back in rhyme agreeing to do it."
They also have kid actors voicing the children, Mark Mothersbaugh doing the score, and the company Bento Box, the people who illustrate Bob's Burgers, doing the animation.
"I think NBC was like, 'Well, we’ll air it, but we don’t have any room to air it,'" Seidell continued. "And Lorne [Michaels] just very coolly gave us the first half-hour of the broadcast on the 28th."
So this Saturday, before the hourlong best-of Halloween SNL special, we'll get a full half-hour of David Pumpkins and a splash of Peter Dinklage. Any questions?

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