Everyone Who Went Home On The Bachelor Last Night

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
"Who went home again?"
For most of the Bachelor season, that's the first question people ask me on Tuesday mornings. (Listen, I have a lot of Bachelor-related conversations, okay?) Because, for most of the season, that's all that matters. Yes, we're here to watch two people fall in love, but we're also here to watch people sob when they don't fall in love. (Or, you know, don't get that disco pizza oven sponsorship deal. Right reasons be damned!) The real drama occurs at the rose ceremonies. Contestants are sent home in black SUVs, monologuing about their wasted opportunities on the show. Until the Bachelor gets on one knee, the departures are the real meat and bones of The Bachelor.
But they can be hard to keep track of. For instance, during the season 22 premiere, I counted five women who didn't receive a rose. Turns out, eight women (eight!) didn't receive a rose. And the episode only featured two of these women leaving. In the interest of keeping Tuesday morning workplace discussions lively, we will update this list every week with the women who went home. When you need to jog your memory, check back here, where we'll be celebrating the love that didn't last.
Here's to the ladies who left. May you all receive ample sponsorship deals and/or end up on Bachelor in Paradise.
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