Everyone Who Went Home On The Bachelor Last Night

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"Who went home again?"
For most of the Bachelor season, that's the first question people ask me on Tuesday mornings. (Listen, I have a lot of Bachelor-related conversations, okay?) Because, for most of the season, that's all that matters. Yes, we're here to watch two people fall in love, but we're also here to watch people sob when they don't fall in love. (Or, you know, don't get that disco pizza oven sponsorship deal. Right reasons be damned!) The real drama occurs at the rose ceremonies. Contestants are sent home in black SUVs, monologuing about their wasted opportunities on the show. Until the Bachelor gets on one knee, the departures are the real meat and bones of The Bachelor.
But they can be hard to keep track of. For instance, during the season 22 premiere, I counted five women who didn't receive a rose. Turns out, eight women (eight!) didn't receive a rose. And the episode only featured two of these women leaving. In the interest of keeping Tuesday morning workplace discussions lively, we will update this list every week with the women who went home. When you need to jog your memory, check back here, where we'll be celebrating the love that didn't last.
Here's to the ladies who left. May you all receive ample sponsorship deals and/or end up on Bachelor in Paradise.
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Week Nine: Kendall

Oh, Kendall, my favorite taxidermy enthusiast. She and Arie just couldn't quite push past the surface. While the two both admitted they were falling for each other in episode 9, it was no match for the "I love yous" exchanged with Becca and Lauren.

At least we know Kendall is off living her best life in L.A. with Bekah M. by her side (if you don't follow them on Instagram, you're missing out on some serious BFF goals), but I'll miss her refreshing realness on my screen every Monday night. While I can't see her ever coming back for a spin-off, here's to her getting her own taxidermy-based reality series sometime soon.
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Week Eight: Tia

Though she was the earliest to confess her love, Tia was sent home somewhat early — the week of hometown dates. And her hometown date went well! Tia is the consummate Bachelor contestant: She's candid, quippy, and down to roll around in the mud. She cried on her way out — nay, she sobbed.

"It is extremely hard for me to be vulnerable," Tia told the camera. "Because I've done it before, and it left me feeling like this."

Tia, come back for The Bachelorette! Please!
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Week Seven: Bekah M.

And thus, the 22-year-old went home! Bekah M., the perky contestant who won us over with her winning personality, left after week seven. May ye return for Bachelor in Paradise.
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Week Seven: Sienne

Let's be real: Sienne was always better than Arie. Arie sent her home on their one-on-one, claiming that he didn't see a future. Arie, thank you for giving us our next Bachelorette.
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Week Seven: Jacqueline

Jacqueline left of her own accord the week before hometowns, citing concerns about her feelings for Arie.
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Week Six: Chelsea

Chelsea, a single mom, received the first impression rose, but she didn't make it past week six.
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Week Six: Krystal

Ah, Krystal. The so-called "villain" of the show, Krystal was vilified from the moment she arrived at the house. But Arie seemed interested in her, so she stayed and wreaked the usual havoc.
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Week Six: Jenna

Who was Jenna? She was on the show for six weeks, but beyond a few adorable quotes, she didn't make a lastinng impression. Ah, well.
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Week Five: Marikh

Marikh, who owns a restaurant, was an active member of the Krystal drama, but she wasn't integral enough for Arie (or the producers) to keep her.
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Week Five: Ashley

Ashley, where have you been? Like Diggy from Rachel's season of The Bachelorette, Ashley seemed so so so promising. But then she never got air time, and Arie sent her home before we even got to know her. Bachelor Winter Games, perhaps?
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Week Five: Maquel

Maquel took a quick break from the show to mourn her grandfather. Her return was short-lived though; she was sent home the same week she returned.
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Week Four: Caroline

Caroline went home after a week of drama with Krystal. Too bad, because Caroline was one of the funnier commentators in the house.
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Week Four: Brittany T.

Brittany gave a mournful, relatable speech on her way out.

"I just want to find the one," she said, tearing up.

Don't we all.
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Week Three: Lauren S.

Lauren S. left at the end of a disastrous one-on-one during which both people actually ate food! (Sorry to see Lauren go. Excited to see people eat food!)
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Week Three: Bibiana

After struggling to get time with Arie for three weeks, Bibiana finally made her way home. Honestly, Bibiana deserved better.
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Week Three: Annaliese

Annaliese skipped out in the middle of a rose ceremony after being rejected for a kiss with Arie.
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Week Two: Valerie

Valerie never got much screen time on the show, but we know this much: This girl knows how to rock a yellow dress.
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Week Two: Jenny

Jenny, a graphic designer, expressed dismay not that she was leaving Arie, but that she was "leaving her friends." Jenny, we get it. Saying goodbye to friends is hard!
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Week Two: Lauren G.

The second of four Laurens to leave.
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Week One: Lauren J.

The first of the Laurens to go.
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Week One: Ali

A personal stylist, Ali will best be known for asking Arie to smell her armpits, a bold move for the first night.
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Week One: Olivia

Olivia, we hardly knew ye.
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Week One: Brittane J.

Brittane started her Bachelor journey by slapping a bumper stick on Arie's butt that read: "Nice butt." It was a good move, but not good enough: She didn't receive a rose.
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Week One: Jessica

Jessica was confident that Arie was the one for her because her late father met Arie, once upon a time.
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Week One: Bri

A sports reporter, Bri seemed promising. Not promising enough for Arie, it seemed.
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Week One: Amber

Amber owns a tanning salon, which is very cool and enough for me to want to ask her a few questions. But it wasn't enough for Arie, who didn't give her a rose on night one.
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Week One: Nysha

Nysha received an intro package, but didn't make it past the first episode. Seems cruel, ABC.
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