Your Favorite TV Shows You Forgot Were Spin-Offs

When a show announces a spin-off, it's easy to be skeptical. Is it necessary? Will it really have the same magic? Will it end up just ruining the show I already loved? The next time you find yourself asking these very questions, I want this list to remind you of a little-known fact: most of the shows you love and watch every day are secretly spin-offs of shows that came before.
When you create a show, you create a universe, and sometimes that universe is filled with more than just one opportunity for TV. In the case of most of these shows, the spin-off taps into potential that would have gone to waste had creators not decided to take a small piece from the original and run with it.
Of course, there are spin-offs that are pretty obvious. Fuller House comes from, you guessed it, Full House. Young Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Girl Meets World from Boy Meets World. Instead, this list is all about the shows we already love on their own, and that only the most dedicated fans would know actually stem from a much bigger universe.
This, of course, is the magic of TV. It reuses and interchanges characters, plots, and places in order to give us infinite thrilling and hilarious combinations that have becomes staples in our Netflix queues. While I can't speak for the die-hard TV buff, for the rest of us regular people, ahead are all the favorite TV shows you had no idea were actually spin-offs.

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