Did The Queen Just Reference The Crown In Her Christmas Speech?

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images.
2017 marks 60 years since Queen Elizabeth II's first televised Christmas speech, which made yesterday's annual address even more special. And the Queen talked about events that rocked Britain this past year, like the Manchester attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire in London. But she also made sure to first address the history behind this important milestone.
"Sixty years ago today, a young woman spoke about the speed of technological change," she began. "She presented the first television broadcast of its time. She described the moment as 'a landmark.'"
Fans of The Crown already know that, however, because there was a whole episode devoted to the historic moment. In fact, that's why people think that this inclusion in the speech wasn't just for the sake of history, but also meant to give a subtle nod to the show that's stolen the hearts of so many of us since its second season dropped on 8th of December.
There have been rumours that the Queen has actually watched the show herself — and liked it, even! — so maybe, just maybe she thought to slip in a reference to the show, considering the second episode of season 2 told the story of her annual TV Christmas speech in detail. At least, that's what many people on Twitter believe:
"The Queen throwing mild shade at The Crown during her Christmas speech is genuinely delightful."
"Husband: we have to watch the Queen’s Christmas speech, it’s tradition. Me: (shouting from other room) OMG, is she referencing the Crown?!"
"The @RoyalFamily Queen’s speech just feels like @TheCrownNetflix spoilers."
"Istg I Just watched THAT eps from @TheCrownNetflix about Christmas Speech... And just about 2hrs ago The Queen talked about it. What a coincidence... not?"
Whether you think it was shade, a nod, or just a funny coincidence, it's safe to say The Crown has us looking at Queen Elizabeth's Christmas speech in a whole new way. And if she ever wanted to come over and binge season 2 with me on my sofa, I'm totally game!
Watch the full speech below.

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