Did You Catch Scott Disick’s Surprise Slut Shaming On KUWTK?

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As someone who joined the Keeping Up With The Kardashians party relatively late, Scott Disick was my favourite family member long before I even watched the show. He mostly lived in GIFs for me and seemed like the only person in the Kardashian orbit who truly recognised how harmlessly ridiculous the clan’s entire dog-and-pony show is. Then, I started watching KUWTK and realised Scott comes with his own problematic baggage, starting with his uncomfortable relationship with ex-girlfriend and current co-parent Kourtney Kardashian. But, the issues don’t end there, as we saw in Sunday night’s “Clothes Quarters.” During the episode, a possibly out-of-it Lord Disick slut-shamed his almost sister-in-law Kim Kardashian to the point where she put on more clothing to make him stop. While most viewers would write-off the encounter as playing into Scott's signature level of silliness, there's actually a lot of darkness lurking beneath the short scene.
The problems start the moment Kim walks into Scott’s house, where he’s hanging out solo and red-faced. The second sentence out of Scott’s mouth is, “Why are your boobs out?” Kim, for the record, showed up in a cropped white tank, sweat pants, and, considering the fact E! blurred out her nipple area, no bra. This is not the kind of nearly-sheer outfit I would usually wear to visit a family member, but I am not Kim Kardashian. Every single one of Kim’s loved ones have seen or heard about her in various states of undress, from her infamy-creating sex tape, to her nude Paper cover, to her litany of topless, sometimes totally naked, Instagram selfies. When Kim is at her mental best, she doesn’t really care who sees her nipples. It’s not like the world hasn’t talked about them already.
That’s why Kim’s response to Scott’s question is, “They’re not. What are you talking about?” For Kim, her boobs being “out” literally means she's serving up full-frontal nudity. If there’s even the thinnest of fabrics between her chest and the world, she’s living at the height of modesty. Now that we know Kim's self-esteem was plummeting around this time, I say more power to her for feeling confident in her skin. Yet, Scott won’t stop trying to argue with Kim about the state of her breasts, adding while staring at her chest, ”You can see everything in the world and more.” Since Scott clearly can’t get over Kim’s white tank, she puts on a sweater, asking if the additional layer will make him more “comfortable.”
If that was where Scott’s criticism ended, there wouldn’t really be much of a problem. Not everyone can be comfortable with near-nudity when it comes to their family, even, apparently, when a part of that family’s trademark is near-nudity. But, Scott doesn’t stop dragging Kim even when she puts her sweater on. “I’m just wondering, are you guys going to all have your boobs out for the rest of your lives?” He asks, with “you guys” clearly acting as a substitute for the Kardashian sisters. “Like, 90 years old, at your funerals, tits out?” If you listen to the tone in Scott’s voice, this line of questioning isn’t meant to be playful; he’s judging the family’s penchant for curve-highlighting fashion.
While this lesson in slut-shaming 101 would be frustrating no matter what, it’s especially ugh-worthy coming from Scott. It’s weird to hear him take shots at the Kardashians’ famous curves after he has personally recognised the fact those same infamous lady lumps are what brought him his fortune — it's not like sporadic 1Oak appearances are what pays the bills. In a 2014 episode of Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons, Kim considers whether Khloé should lose some weight in her behind, which is a problematic statement in itself. Scott is the voice of reason, jokingly reminding the middle Kardashian sister, “You guys lose your butts, we may all lose our money.” Now, three years later, he’s mocking the Kardashians’ breasts.
If you don’t think Scott is now slut-shaming his ex-girlfriend and her sisters, you’re not taking into account when Lord Disick and Kim’s kitchen conversation actually happened in “Quarters.” Thanks to Twitter and Instagram timestamps, we can figure out Kim visited Scott about a month after the infamous “MILFs Gone Wild” trip, which seriously got to Kourtney’s ex. It made him so upset, as we saw earlier this season, Scott went to sleep at about 6 p.m. just to avoid hearing about Kourt’s fun time in Mexico. During a confessional interview, Scott then confirmed he wished he could enjoy those kinds of vacations with the mother of his children, but that’s impossible now.
Then, in that same episode, we hear Scott literally screaming at Kourtney over the fact she’s dating someone new, and he might see paparazzi photos of them enjoying dinner. Kourt tries to ignore the phone conversation meltdown, but it’s evident Scott is acting out in “Clothes Quarters” just to get his ex’s attention. So, Scott — famously one of the most emotional Kardashian family members — is actually legitimately angry about how his relationship with Kourtney is faltering right now, and is using slut shaming shade to express that frustration. Sure, he won’t call newly-dating Kourt a “slut” right to her face, but wow will she and her sisters ever put their “tits” away? I mean really.
Unfortunately, Scott’s aggression towards Kourtney’s seemingly isn’t going to end any time soon. A preview for next week’s episode hints Scott is “threatening” Kourtney over her new relationship status. “He goes, ‘You better watch your back,’” Kourt tells a wide-eyed Kim and Khloé. “Your little friend is going to get beat up.” This proves slut-shaming tends to just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bad behaviour of jealous men.
With all of this real-life, serious Scott drama looming over Kourtney's days, what wouldn’t I give for Lord Disick to go back to a life of GIF-ready karate scenes and Todd Kraines pranks.
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