These Are The Most Popular Kardashian GIFs Of All Time

Photo: Courtesy of E! Entertainment.
While the ten-year-anniversary special for Keeping Up With The Kardashians took place a few weeks ago, the show's official birthday is tomorrow. Season 1, episode one aired on 14th October 2007, and was the start of what continues to be a cultural touchstone for the U.S. and beyond. The series has spawned spin-offs, cosmetic lines, books, and fashion brands, but perhaps the show's most prevalent medium is GIFs. The sisters' unique personalities lend themselves perfectly to reaction GIFs, and their antics can be perfectly preserved in a sharable looping nugget of pop culture.
Gfycat, a website that houses a whole slew of GIFs, found the fifteen most popular Kardashians GIFs based on views, and you've definitely seen some of them before. Khloé and Kylie seem to be fan-favourites when it comes to internet memes and reactions, but Kim and Kendall also make an appearance.
While ten years is a long time to have your life documented, the women don't have any regrets — except one. During the anniversary special, Kylie Jenner said there was one moment she wished she could take back.
"The stripper pole was so embarrassing," she told E!, referring to an episode when she was young and dancing on a pole. "I wish it never happened."
As for Kim, she actually misses some of the relics from the past, including her voice.
"I'm so confused how our voices have changed," she captioned a clip from an earlier season. "I miss my 2007 voice lol."
Luckily, they don't have to get too nostalgic, since almost everything they've ever done has existed online. Ahead, scroll through some of these memories, and pick out your perfect GIF to use as a reaction tomorrow when the big 1-0 birthday officially arrives.
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