Pink Wishes She Hadn't Gotten Involved In Katy Perry & Taylor Swift's Drama

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By now, it feels like nearly every celebrity has weighed in on the never-ending Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud. We've heard from Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Ruby Rose, Andy Grammar, and countless others, but there's at least one star out there who regrets saying anything at all.
During an interview with the The Los Angeles Times, Pink commented that she wishes she'd never proclaimed she was "Team Taylor."
"I have two kids — I have a baby. And it’s so different now. I’m not inclined toward drama and feuds and soundbites," she said. "But I almost got caught up in it. I was doing radio in London and we played this game called 'Pink Fast.' They’re like, 'Team Katy or Team Taylor?' And I said, 'Either way, I can’t win — but Taylor?' And I should've just kept my mouth shut, because I don't believe that. I don't care. But I felt rushed and I didn’t know what to do. And I paid for it, because then the next day: 'Pink is Team Taylor.'"
Though the drama may have been entertaining two years ago, the overall consensus, even from other big-name celebs, seems to be that the two pop stars need to end this petty nonsense now. That's not because we no longer appreciate a good feud — if that were the case, the Real Housewives franchise would have collapsed — but perhaps because actively keeping tabs on every jab or possible reference can be exhausting.
Of course, part of the reason some of the drama in the entertainment industry exists is because many of us feed off of it (full disclosure: I loved the Justin Bieber/Marilyn Manson beef, and I was admittedly giddy listening to Swift come after her enemies in "Look What You Made Me Do"). For Pink, our willingness to promote an increasingly "snarky" culture is bringing us down.
"It surprises me how snarky it's gotten," she said. "There were always these feuds between rock stars — I mean, if you like Oasis, there's always a feud. But it's gotten pretty bad. And we're giving our power away by playing into it."
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