The Important Message Behind Gal Gadot's Saturday Night Live Kiss

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Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live this week as it made history. By now, most of Gadot's fans know that she is originally from Israel; however, last night was the first time that SNL was broadcast live in her home country. Her funny message for her friends and family back home, spoken in Hebrew, addressed how terrible the SNL writers are at their jobs — so, basically the same stuff the critics say every week.
Gadot also spoke about her role as Wonder Woman saying that the role "inspired so many young girls to be their own hero." No sooner had she said this than Leslie Jones burst out onto the stage to join her dressed as the "Time Square Wonder Woman." That hug at the end though, makes us think maybe Gadot was just a little nervous about the live TV aspect of the show.
The monologue kept things light following the cold open with country singer Jason Aldean, who began the show by playing Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" to honor those who died during the Las Vegas shooting last week. It was a moment where SNL decided to go for unifying, rather than political and divisive, and it was the right tone. The event was addressed again during the Weekend Update where Colin Jost asserted that "no one should own 47 of anything," let alone 47 guns, in his segment on gun control.
Having taken on one of the most iconic roles in the superhero world, Gal Gadot tried her hand at some other well-known archetypes. Throughout the episode, Gadot portrayed a variety of popular, arguably stereotypical, roles in both fairy tales and popular culture. She shared an on-air kiss with Kate McKinnon during a sketch set on Wonder Woman's home island of Themyscira, as they looked at how the world of the empowering superhero was a fantasy — in more ways than one. She played the role of daytime talk show host who solved a problem for her guest in an unorthodox way. She also takes on the role of a Cinderella-like princess pretending to love the more realistic dressmaking skills of her animal friends. Not to mention her role as a woman who unknowingly goes on a Bumble date with OJ Simpson.
The exhaustive and emotionally draining nature of the constant news cycle was addressed in a new E! lineup because "not everything can be the news." The send-ups offered a huge takedown of the Kardashians and all their franchises. Gadot was not only Kendall Jenner but also her best friend Gigi Hadid with Kate McKinnon playing opposite as Bella Hadid.
Sam Smith joined the episode as the musical guest performing the two singles from his forthcoming album, "Too Good At Goodbyes" and "Pray."
Click through for some of the highlights of Gal Gadot's first time hosting Saturday Night Live.
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