How To Turn Rihanna's Most Memorable GIFs Into A Halloween Costume

Photo: Le Segretain/Getty Images/Dior.
Compared to the most dedicated Halloween fanatics — I’m looking at you, Heidi Klum — you’re already behind if you’ve only just now started thinking seriously about your Halloween costume. Luckily for you, R29 has got you covered with some inspiration for the holiday that allows you to finally be someone else — if only for a night.
And with a golden opportunity like this right at your fingertips: Who wouldn’t want to be Rihanna? I typically shoot to embody Rihanna on a spiritual and mental level every day. She’s always a mood. And in addition to making hits that we didn’t know we needed, Rihanna is also known to serve bold, iconic looks everywhere she goes. After this thorough investigation from Arianna Davis, I’m convinced the Bajan star singlehandedly invented nipples.
Rihanna’s visibility extends beyond the glitz and glamour of her album covers and red carpet appearances, though. She is also a meme queen and a GIF goddess, often articulating our emotions better than we can. As I’ve said before, she’s a mood — which also presents a lot of fun opportunities for your Halloween costumes.
Instead of picking something traditional, try going as one of these Rihanna GIFs. But first, a warning: You can channel Rihanna all you like, but Blackface is never acceptable. Don't do it.

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