There Is A Major Hidden Clue In The New Riverdale Trailer

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW.
The premiere of Riverdale season 2 is fast approaching (12 days, but who's counting?) and this latest trailer s teasing some telling clues about what's going down next season.
The trailer starts off with some quick cuts that take on a film noir, suspense-thriller tone. First off, it looks like Veronica and Archie will be a thing. Varchie? Bughead is still going strong, at least for now. It gets crazier from there. Does Archie have a gun? Why is Jughead sneaking around a dark house with a baseball bat? Who is wearing the mask?
There's a lot to take in over the course of these jam-packed 30 seconds, but the biggest clue might have been there all along (plot twist!) in the song playing in the background. According to W Magazine, the song is a cover of "I'm Confessin (That I Love You)" originally performed by the jazz singer Peggy Lee. Could this mean that there will be professions of love in the next season?
Oh, to be back in the days where the boy-next-door's biggest concern was the school talent show. Those days appear to be long gone. Season 1 came to a dramatic close when Archie's father Fred was shot in Pop's Diner. We see Archie a changed person entering season 2. In the previous teaser trailer, mysteriously titled "Motive," the rationale behind who shot Fred is questioned. He seems like a pretty likeable guy. Is there something in his past that he's hiding?
All this culminates in a phone call. "Mum, we're in trouble here." said by a very worried Archie is perhaps the understatement of the year.
This is the fourth official trailer to be released for the second season of the hit CW drama and each one has us more excited than the last. We've been collecting clues over the summer as trailers, cast interviews, and photos have come out — not to mention the fan theories. One thing we know for sure is taht this season will be a lot darker.
Given that the title of the other trailer gave away a clue, we can't ignore the title of this most recent preview, "Back Again." It could be alluding to someone from Fred's past as the perpetrator. We will have to wait until the show returns, on October 11, to find out.
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