Kylie's Testy Relationship With Kendall Is The Most Realistic Part Of Life Of Kylie, "London"

There are only two more episodes for viewers to fully understand the Life of Kylie, but we covered a lot of ground this week, during the sixth episode titled "London." (Whoever named these episodes is... extremely creative.) This week on the 20-year-old social media star's spin-off series, we met an adorable and creative fan battling cystic fibrosis, traveled to see Big Ben, and learned how to ride a motorcycle. But the most enlightening moment of it all was watching Kylie and Kendall bicker. The sister-sister dynamic has always been, and will always be, the most dynamic and relatable part of the Kardashian reality shows and Life of Kylie is finally tapping into that never-ending stream of content (even if it's only briefly and at the tail end of an episode).
"London" starts with a medley of gross noises when a doctor arrives at Kylie's home to give her a special IV. Why? She's feeling a little under the weather which calls for an "immunobooster" because she's got a lot of ground to cover abroad in London.
But before jet-setting with her best friend, Jordyn Woods, the two visit a young girl named Ari who lives in the area and is battling cystic fibrosis. Kylie says she knows of Ari through a friend of her mom's, who suggested that Kylie visit the superfan to brighten her day. "When I first heard her story I knew I wanted to meet her," Kylie tells the camera. While there, Kylie and Jordyn take Snapchat selfies (dog filter, duh) with Ari, who shows them her side hustle of making custom pins that she sells on Etsy. The entire visit is sweet; Ari herself was a delight, even joking that she should become the third musketeer to the Jordyn and Kylie duo. But it still ends in tears, as Kylie and Jordyn hug and cry in the front seat of her car after leaving Ari's house. Jordyn's father died recently, and she is still dealing with the sudden loss. From there, the mood lightens as the besties travel to London, Jordyn's favorite place in the world. Why it's her favorite place? It's unclear, but in her words: "I really like the people's vibes. I feel like an adult — I really feel like a structured normal person there."
Now we're in London, and it's time to go to the zoo. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. Kylie loves animals — she is obsessed with farms — and forces everyone to go with her to the zoo. Or as her assistant Victoria puts it, "Out of all the places to see in London, we went to the fucking zoo." (Same, girl, same.) The only person who is equipped to put Kylie in her place after making them watch her be scared of butterflies (yes, that is a Real Thing) while wearing a severely banged wig is her older sister, Kendall, who pops up in the knick of time.
Kendall is wearing a very fashion outfit, which doesn't stop her from getting down and dirty immediately when she sees her little sister. Kendall calls her out for her too tan spray tan and laughs about her having big pores on her back. Kendall follows with a one-two punch adding that Kylie looks good with natural hair, but not all her weird wigs (Kylie is wearing a bright cherry red wig during this exchange). The room full of their friends laughs along with Kendall as Kylie scowls at her phone. "Don't be so sensitive" she laughs. OOF. Telling someone who is upset to stop being "so sensitive" is the rudest thing to do, but it's also the best.
Kylie tells the producers off camera that if she and Kendall were not sisters they would not be friends. She looks like she means it. It's moments like that which brings the show back to its roots: family drama and bickering. Sisters arguing with each other is the foundation upon which the Kardashian empire is built, and it's best for fans to remember that. This show has never been about fashion or boys or Lamborghinis (that are STILL NOT BEING DRIVEN). It's about sisters pissing each other off by dragging them for the size of their pores and their ugly wigs. This is the content I live for because it's real AF!
Life of Kylie has been a more sugary show than I anticipated — mostly by flaunting all the good deeds Kylie has done in the past year — but I'm ready for some spice. More Kendall! More sisters! More drama! Please?

whyyyyy mom?!

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What Did Kylie Realise This Week?
Always be grateful for good health.
Being a little sister sucks.
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