Kit Harington Imagines A Happy Ending For Game Of Thrones

Photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO.
Everyone on Game of Thrones is gearing up for the very scary "only war that matters" in the season 7 finale, and they're probably not thinking about much else. But, because we don't actually live in Westeros, with White Walkers breathing down our necks, we actually have the leisure to imagine what life will be like for them one day in the (possibly distant) future. When the folks at Entertainment Weekly asked the Game of Thrones cast to indulge in this thought exercise, the most charming answer came from Kit Harington. Because of course it did.
"'Happy' is a strange word to attribute with Jon Snow," Harington told the magazine, hedging his answer a bit. While all we want to do is imagine him by Daenerys' side, raising a brood of kids (hey, it's our imagination, so that whole incest thing stops mattering) and ruling the land in a firm but democratic manner, the actor's dreams were somewhat less ambitious.
"I think [happiness] would be to be around his sisters and any surviving family he has," Harington said. "I think just being around, with a cup of mead, with his sisters and his siblings, no Night King, no one to kill, no battles, just a bit of peace and quiet. Sitting around and watching a good box set."
He really did say "box set" at the end, though that's probably not any more unlikely in the GoT universe than the idea of a peaceful happy ending.
Some of the other actors were more self-serving in their answers. Iain Glen thinks all Jorah Mormont would want is to be needed by the lady he most admires. Aidan Gillen said it's pretty obvious what Littlefinger's happy ending looks like. "I've set my cards on the table somewhat, with the scene with Sansa for instance at the end of season 6: the Iron Throne, [Sansa] by my side," he said. "That's a happy family picture but it's not really that either, you know what I mean?"
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) revealed her theory that the whole show is a "projection" inside Bran's (Isaac Hempstead Wright) mind, and so the series will end with the youngest Stark on the Iron Throne. Wright has a similar thought, as he told EW: "I think the happy ending scenario for everyone would be Bran wakes up from a long, seven season dream."
Please, no!
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