Arya Stark Has Been Playing Us This Whole Time & This Theory Proves It

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It's no secret that Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) has started getting on some people's nerves. Her ruthless personality was crucial when she was out on her own, but it's causing a lot of problems now that she's back at Winterfell, especially between her and Sansa (Sophie Turner). Arya seems to be purposefully driving a wedge into their relationship, and it's not quite clear why — or, is it? Reddit user ScienceMuddafucka took to the forum to detail his theory on why Arya's acting so strangely (key word: acting), and it has everything to do with taking down Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen).
While the post is worth reading in full, we've pulled out a few of the most convincing reasons below:
First, Arya is trained in stealth. There's no way Littlefinger would have noticed he was being followed in episode 5 of the current season, especially not when Arya was able to slip through a closed door undetected this past Sunday.
"Arya was trained by assassins. She is far too stealthy to let LF know that he is being followed, unless she did this deliberately," the post reads, later adding, "In S7E6, the directors deliberately show us Sansa opening and closing a very squeaky door as she goes into Arya’s bedchamber. Yet Arya is able to sneak up on Sansa without a single noise."
In that same scene, Arya explains the Game Of Faces. She literally tells Sansa that she's going to tell lies as truths, and her anecdote about her father's execution proves it.
"She plays this game when she tells Sansa that she remembers Sansa standing on Ned’s execution stage – Sansa fought and screamed, and Arya knows this," the post continues. "Arya played the game when she told Sansa she would never serve the Lannisters – Arya served as Tywin’s cupbearer. Arya tells Sansa she wonders what it would be like to wear her face and her pretty dresses, to be Lady of Winterfell – we are beaten over the head since S1 that Arya HAS NEVER WANTED ANY OF THESE THINGS."
Then, she hands Sansa Littlefinger's dagger, the dagger that started all this in the first place. Come to think of it, wouldn't their brother Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) know that? It's hard to believe that Bran never let his sisters know the truth about Littlefinger, making this whole thing more confusing.
That, combined with the very public nature of their disagreements, suggest this is all for show. The girls want Littlefinger to think they're falling into his trap — but it sounds like Arya could be weaving one of her own.
Read the full post below!
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