The Most Flattering Eyewear, Whatever Your Face Shape

For the visually impaired among us, choosing a pair of opticals that suit our face shape is an ongoing battle, rather than a passing trend. While there's no problem with the fashion specs that have gained popularity over the past several years, we can't just spend a tenner on a pair of wire-framed aviators that will lose kudos in a few months. Finding a pair of glasses you love can be tough, which is why we're here to present the best of the eyewear out there now.
From Matt Damon's Wayfarer-esque glasses in The Talented Mr Ripley to the yellow-tinted rectangular pair worn by Spud in Trainspotting, there are certain glasses that stay with us long after their pop culture debut. Harrison Ford's off-kilter circular frames in Indiana Jones and Ali McGraw's preppy '70s pair in Love Story are popular styles right now, while Gucci has made acceptable the kind of glasses your eccentric godmother used to wear with her velvet tunic.
From colour-pop acetate frames to face-flattering angular specs, ahead you'll find our favourite eyewear from the best glasses brands around.

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