Proof That Game Of Thrones Is Officially Funny

How can a person describe a show as vast, as sprawling, and as downright epic as Game of Thrones? In the past, the series has been consistently bloody, violent, and prone to large battle scenes featuring giants and axes. It's bursting with characters, and plunges you into family histories you'd need a graduate degree in George R. R. Martin studies to understand completely. Since Game of Thrones is an HBO show, it's always been racy and exciting, pushing the limits of what could be featured on TV. (Except, you know, it's not TV; it's HBO.)
Game of Thrones is all these things: Bloody and compelling and explicit and very, very earnest. As of Season 7, however, we can add another adjective to this litany of descriptors. Game of Thrones is officially funny. After many seasons of torturing viewers with Red Weddings and devastating plot twists, it seems the writers are cutting us an often self-referential break. Now, we can expect to laugh at least once per episode, amid the gasps and cringes.
Let's commemorate every bit of levity featured on this season of Game of Thrones. If not for these jokes, the show might be too heavy to bear.
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