Is There A Leaker Spilling Dany’s Military Secrets On Game Of Thrones?

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Rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms Daenerys Targaryen is having major political issues. Her brilliant military plans are getting trounced by Cersei's allies, it who seem to be able to anticipate exactly where Dany's forces will be at every turn.
Euron Greyjoy, sporting a literal fire look from the Allsaints fall collection, burned the Mother of Dragons' naval fleet and captured her allies, Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy. When the Unsullied showed up at Casterly Rock, the seat of the Lannister family, they found a skeleton defense army; the rest of the Lannister army was off invading Highgarden. It's almost like someone is leaking her military plans.
Indeed, a fan theory posited by Vanity Fair makes that argument. Specifically, it questions whether Varys is back up to his old tricks. We saw Daenerys and the Spider engage in some fascinating verbal sparring when she questioned his loyalty; he seemed genuinely sincere in his desire to help her win the Iron Throne. But Varys has always been a wildcard. Could he be feeding the Lannisters information about Dany's plans?
The theory goes a step further as assumes that Varys as a leaker could be too easy. Instead, it's his army of "little birds" that he bragged so much about in the first season — a group of children who see and hear all and report their findings back to the Spider. The little birds murdered Grand Maester Pycelle at the bidding of creepy Qyburn, could they be spying on Varys, their former master? This would make sense, given that the little birds have proved their loyalty to the Crown. The little birds may also be able to spy easily on Vaarys after having worked with him for so long. It's all very plausible, but it spells disaster for #TeamDragon.
Is Daenerys going to have to go full-on Anthony Scaramucci to stop leaks of classified information? Does she need to give a bonkers interview to the New Yorker in which she threatens to fire her entire staff over leaks? The stakes seem even higher for Dany's staff, since firing them would probably mean quite literally roasting them on a spit.
Honestly though, as Hand of the Queen, it's kind of Tyrion's job to keep a lid on leaks, and he's not exactly succeeding in that department. Considering that IRL Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was just ousted for, among many reasons, being unable to keep leaks under control, we almost wonder if life is imitating art a little too closely. Dany, control your messy communications team. We already have to deal with one of those.
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