Jon Snow Will Never Sit On The Iron Throne On Game Of Thrones — & Here's Why

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Jon Snow's grip on life has been a source of worry since he stabbed in the heart by his Night's Watch brothers. Since he was resurrected, he was almost trampled under a pile of bodies during the Battle of the Bastards and is currently within a stone's throw of two queens who would have no qualms about seeing his head on a spike. Just to further make us worry about his longevity, a new fan theory from Bald Move's Game of Thrones podcast (which happens to be my favourite weekly analysis of the show), hosts A.Ron and Jim discuss a possible angle that may shed some light on his recent behaviour.
This season, we've seen Jon take on a newer, slightly more ruthless side to his obsessively honourable personality. At Dragonstone, he refused to bend the knee to Daenerys Targaryen after defying the wishes of the Lords of the North. He threatened Littlefinger with death if the Lord of Creepiness so much as touches Sansa. And speaking of Sansa, he hasn't exactly been as deferential to her as he should be, considering her superior political intellect.
A.Ron and Jim posit that this may be due to him losing a touch of his humanity when he was resurrected by Melisandre's flames. In the book series, the only other character that's been resurrected by the Lord of Light's fire is Beric Dondarrion. Beric is slowly losing his memories and is consumed with a single sense of purpose: to eradicate those who've wronged him, thus the Brotherhood Without Banners.
The podcast further considers the idea that ice magic is either the duality of fire magic or different sides of the same higher being. Followers of the Lord of the Light (called R'hllor in the books) may be missing out ice magic's power. We know that ice magic created the White Walkers, and ice magic keeps the Wall sealed away from the army of the dead. So it's possible that the two forms of magic are the same.
If this is the case, it means that Jon's ultimate purpose may not be to sit on the Iron Throne but to bring balance to the power of fire, which has become greater in the form of Dany's dragons and the Lord of the Light priests. That would fit in squarely with the Azor Ahai prophecy from the books, which says that someone will emerge to battle the Night King during the Long Winter. Either way, his most pressing mission at the moment is to convince Daenerys that he's not an enemy.
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