The Game of Thrones Fan Theory We’re Completely In Love With

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Who are are your favorite characters on Game of Thrones? Might they be...Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen? The resurrected puppy dog and the badass queen? If so, you're not alone. And your gut might be telling you something. Weigh the evidence and sift through the oodles of fan theories and you'll see: All roads lead to Jon and Daenerys. Not only does it look like their fates are connected, but there is reason to believe they are the most important characters on Game of Thrones.
The Prince That Was Promised On last Sunday's episode, Melisandre — who is once again on the prowl for the all-powerful ruler now that the Stannis situation turned to shit — told a reborn Jon Snow that he was probably "the prince that was promised." This phrase is new to viewers, but it pops up every now and again in the books as part of a prophecy. Melisandre talks about this special prince in connection to a mythical hero in her religion, known as Azor Ahai. The prophecy goes that this prince will reemerge following the end of a long summer to battle evil. And as you know, winter is coming, as are the frozen incarnations of evil, the white walkers. But even though he is reborn at the start of a long-ass winter, we're not so sure Jon Snow is our man. I mean, Melisandre's record sucks. But more importantly...
Sorry, Jon. Daenerys Sounds A LOT Like This "Prince That Was Promised"
We think Melisandre should actually be looking for a princess. That's because Daenerys embodies about 90% of the qualities this promised prince is supposed to have. These are three of the more interesting ones:
1. The prince is supposed to be of dragon blood (literally, or more likely, being part of the dragon-rearing Targaryen family lineage).
2. The prince is supposed to wake "dragons from stone." Triple-check.
3. And the price is supposed to be born under a "bleeding star." The clever fans over at the Game of Thrones Wikia realized that there was, indeed, a red comet in the sky, seen from Winterfell, after Dany's rebirth from the funeral pyre. Oh, and it's believed that comets signify dragons.
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Wait...What If The Promised Prince Is BOTH OF THEM?!
Okay, this might be wishful thinking on our part. And we know this show has a six-season history of quashing our dreams and making us say WTF. But it just feels so right. Think about it: The book series is called A Song Of Ice And Fire. Khaleesi brings the fire, duh. Her dragons breathe it, she was reborn from it, and fiery explosions are kind of her thing. Jon Snow, on the other hand, is all about that icy northern weather. Um, also, his name.
Speaking of which, this all goes splendidly well with the R + L = J theory, which we are thoroughly convinced of. If it's correct, Jon is a Targaryen, too. Blood of dragons.
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So, is the prince who will save us all the fire queen and the ice man? Is it their child? Who the fuck knows? It's Game of Thrones. Nothing's out of the question.

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