The 30 Most WTF Moments From 5 Years Of Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones has a history of eliciting rather strong reactions from viewers. From its premiere in 2011 to last year's season five finale, this show has been all about shock value. From its gratuitous rape scenes and brutal deaths to incestuous affairs and mind-blowing plot-twists, the HBO fantasy drama may have generated the most WTF moments of any show in the history of television.
In fact, we've uttered some iteration of what the fuck at our TVs so many times over the last five years that we completely forgot about some of them. I mean, we've only got so much room in our brains dedicated to "crazy ass shit that happened on Game of Thrones" — and that capacity was reached several seasons ago.
So, in case you've forgotten — or, perhaps, somewhat willfully blocked out some of the more traumatic memories — we're here to remind you of just how many messed up things have happened on GoT. Consider this your wildly entertaining 30-slide refresher in preparation for Sunday's season 6 premiere.
From the perplexing to the grotesque to the straight-up fucked-up, here are the 30 most WTF moments from Game of Thrones. Oh, and we hope you're sitting somewhere where it's cool to blurt out expletives several times in a row.

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