Tilda Swinton Got The Last Laugh When George Clooney's Twins Were Born

It seems that Hollywood is full of twins these days, but Tilda Swinton wants her friend George Clooney to know that she raised twins first. The Doctor Strange actress, who is the mother of Xavier and Honor Byrne, joked to Us Weekly that new dad Clooney, better get ready for some sleepless nights.
Clooney's wife Amal just gave birth to twins Alexander and Ella, but for years before parenthood was on the horizon, Swinton admitted that her Burn After Reading co-star would often joke about her lack of sleep. Well, it turns out that the joke is on him.
"[George] always used to laugh about me looking so tired when my twins were small," the actress told Us Weekly, before adding: "And now I have the last laugh."
Swinton and Clooney, who have appeared in three films together, will likely have plenty to talk about in the upcoming months. The We Need To Talk About Kevin star has already lived through her kids' childhood, but for George and Amal, this will be their first go at parenting.
During a 2011 interview with The Guardian, the actress gushed about her twins, who are now young adults.
"I remember noticing, when I had my babies, how much I liked them, and not just loved them, but I was really into them. I knew I was going to be curious about them, and up for the mayhem ahead," she told the newspaper. "But at the same time I remember noticing I was relieved this thing was present in me. And I hadn't realised there might be a doubt. I thought it was going to be automatic – and something in me said, 'No, you're really lucky here.'"
Clooney isn't the only celebrity who will be joining Swinton's twin club. Beyoncé's twins should be here any day now. (The world is waiting with bated breath, because, come on... it's Bey.) Mom actress Jaime Pressly just announced she is pregnant with twins as well. Meanwhile, some celebs who are already in club twin include Zoe Saldana (whose 2014 multiple pregnancy was announced on TV by her Crossroads' co-star Britney Spears, oops), Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
Maybe this crew can get in a group chat? Hopefully Clooney won't ping everyone at 3 a.m. when the twins won't sleep...

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