Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 6 Recap: It Pours, Part 2

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This week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians picks up from last week's "To Be Continued." Kim is on the phone with one of Kanye's friends. We could connect the dots last week, based on her tearful reaction, that the news wasn't good and likely related to Kanye's much-publicised troubles last fall and winter.
"Don't scare me, please. What's going on?" Kim asks before breaking down on the phone. Afterward, she explains that Kanye's friend called her but was crying on the phone and didn't have many details.
Kim decides she needs to get back to Los Angeles as soon as possible. "I think he really needs me and I need to get home. It's the right thing to do," she tells Kris. Kris agrees and reassures Kim that she, Khloé, and Kourtney can handle the Angel Ball event.
Kris, Khloé, and Kourtney walk the red carpet and accept the honour on behalf of Robert Kardashian. They are disappointed that Kim missed the event, including the tribute video, but Khloé is stoic about it. "I know Kim is overwhelmed," she says. "But I know our dad has her back, and she will be surrounded by strength." On the flight back, Kourtney is also concerned. She says that no matter what they are just trying to be supportive for their sister. Even so, Kourtney is feeling the pressure. "I just feel anxious," she says on the flight home.
Khloé doesn't go straight back to Los Angeles. She stops in Cleveland to spend Thanksgiving with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. They spend part of the day at a church helping to distribute food and care packages. Khloé says she wanted to go back to Los Angeles with everyone, but Kim encouraged her to keep her commitments in Cleveland. Khloé gets the download from Scott about the family's Thanksgiving once she gets back to California. It was weird, and a little awkward, Scott reports, with both Kanye and Khloé missing. "I still don't know much about Kanye's situation," Khloé says.
At Kris' house, Kris shares big news with Kendall and Kylie. Vogue wants to review the new Kendall + Kylie collection. Kylie is excited. Kendall is freaked out. "That's really terrifying," Kendall says. She understands the stakes. She says that the collection is really personal for them and she doesn't know how she would feel about a negative review.
Kim stops by Khloé's house, and it is more of a drive-by than a download on what's been happening. She's exhausted and has been out of touch. "I haven't even had my phone for days," Kim says. If it's true, that alone says a lot. Khloé wants to know what's going on. "Do we know anything?" she asks. "Is everything going to be okay?" Kim is not in the mood to talk about it. But she assures Khloé that everything eventually will be okay. "This is forcing him to take much needed time off," Kim says.
Khloé's got other issues to deal with while she waits for Kim to ask for help. It turns out that all isn't well with her and professional BFF Malika. Malika! Where have you been? The answer, of course, is that Malika was on a reality show of her own, Famously Single. Malika went into the house single and came out of the house half of a couple with Ronnie from Jersey Shore.
Back at Casa Kris, Kendall is stressing out about Vogue's review of the new line. "I've worked very hard to be taken seriously and recognised in Vogue and in the fashion world," Kendall says. She's afraid a bad review could undo that hard work. "Everyone wants an excuse to, like, talk shit, and I don't want this to be that," she explains to Kylie. Kylie does her best to make Kendall laugh, even pulling out a fake cry. Kendall remains unmoved, but might just win the night with her comeback. "Did anyone ever tell you, you look like a Bratz doll?" Kendall says to Kylie, planting a seed of a picture that now none of us can unsee.
Kim still isn't ready to give detail (on camera) about what is going on with Kanye, but she does share with Khloé a sign that he still has his sense of humor. "Kanye was really cute. He was like, so this is what for better or worse means."
The winter time change has apparently thrown Scott for a loop (or it could just be the reality of being a father of three young children). He brings Khloé dinner at 5:45 p.m. It may be dark outside, Scott, but that's still a little early for dinner for a woman-about-town like Khloé. Khloé confides in Scott that she's been calling and texting Malika and getting nothing in return. Khloé's feelings are clearly bruised. Scott is more interested in the Jersey Shore boyfriend, so they do some Instagram stalking. "Do they really think they are in love here?" Scott says when he sees a kiss by the beach at sunset shot. Maybe it is the hurt feelings, but Khloé is skeptical. "Mark my words. Let's see how long this lasts," she says.
The time has come for the showing for Vogue. Kendall is still sweating it out and it looks like the nerves have caught up with Kylie as well. When Nicole Phelps pulls a dress with a picture of Norman (Kylie's dog), Kylie tells Vogue that her dogs are her inspiration. Kendall desperately looks for clues from Phelps, but Phelps isn't sharing. She asks Kendall and Kylie about their everyday style and ideal customer. The Jenner women make it through, but with a little less polish and style than we are used to seeing from them.
After an awkward moment at a photoshoot between Khloé and Malika, Khloé shares with Kim her concerns about Malika. She tells Kim that Malika is fighting with her. Khloé feels guilty. Kim tells Khloé not to worry. Khloé also admits that she feels bad dumping this stuff on Kim with everything that Kim has going on. Kim says she is relieved for the distraction.
Kris and Kendall rendezvous at the Plaza hotel in New York. Kendall tells her mother that it was impossible to tell how Phelps felt about the collection. Kris locks into Mom mode, reminding Kendall that any criticism is constructive at this point. Kendall soothes her nerves on the expensive sofa in the massive suite of the luxury hotel.
Things come to a head with Khloé and Malika at Khloé's house. "Do you want to just talk and get it over with?" Malika says. They have a classic, reality show sit-down complete with feelings and a happy ending. It turns out that Malika has been MIA. because there is trouble in paradise with her made-for-TV match. Hugs and tears soothe hurt feelings on both sides, but Khloé does take the chance to throw a little shade Malika's way. "I get it. She doesn't want to rain on my parade," Khloé says to the camera. "Maybe she's embarrassed that she's dating Ronnie from the Jersey Shore. I would be." And, just like that, the pecking order is restored.
Rest easy, viewers, Kendall's fears were all for nothing about Vogue. Kris gives her a sneak peek at the review and it is good news. Kendall prepped herself for the worst and it all worked out just fine. "Any form of criticism that you get, you should always take that and grow," she had told herself. Remember that, Kendall. You might need to fall back on this mantra after a particular Pepsi moment in your future.
In the final scene, Kim and Malika have their own moment with lo mein and fortune cookies. Kim's fortune portends good things on the horizon. "Your troubles will soon cease and good fortune will soon smile on you," it reads.

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