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When you think of Friends, you think of the main squad. Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Ross were our guides through the NBC sitcom's 10 seasons, and perhaps the best TV pals we'll ever make. However, Friends would have never reached the level of success it did without some additional characters dipping into their crew — many of whom had very famous faces.
It wasn't unusual for Friends to bring in big-name celebs to play love interests, siblings, and former classmates of the show's core gang. Sometimes these famous guest stars had real-life relationships with their on-screen co-stars. In other cases, they co-starred with the series regulars once again after Friends ended. And then, of course, there are the famous husbands (er, now ex-husbands) of the actresses who showed up for an episode.
With so many episodes of Friends to binge on Netflix, it can be hard to remember which famous faces showed up in the first place. This list is here to jog your memory — and help you revisit some of the series' most iconic moments.
Here are some of Friends' most infamous guest stars.
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Melora Hardin

Appeared In: Season 1, “The One With the Stoned Guy” (1994)
The Office actress played Ross’ love interest who demands he “talks dirty” to her — to hilarious results.

Where Is She Now?
Hardin appeared on Transparent and will star in the upcoming series Issues.
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Jennifer Grey

Appeared In: Season 1, “The One With the Evil Orthodontist” (1995)
The Dirty Dancing star played Mindy, Rachel’s former BFF, who is about to marry Rachel’s former fiancé and become “Mrs. Dr. Barry Farber, DDS.”

Where Is She Now?
Grey currently stars on Amazon's streaming series Red Oaks.
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Leah Remini

Appeared In: Season 1, “The One With the Birth” (1995)
The King of Queens actress appears as a single mom who bonds with Joey, despite their affections for rival sports teams.

Where Is She Now?
Remini recently wrote a tell-all memoir, Troublemaker, partially about her time in Scientology. She's set to produce a TV series based on her experiences.
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George Clooney

Appeared In: Season 1, “The One With Two Parts, Part II” (1995)
As a wink to his ER character, Clooney portrayed a doctor who attempts to woo Rachel (or is it Monica?) after the roommates swap names due to an insurance snafu.

Where Is He Now?
The movie star is busy throwing fundraisers for Hillary Clinton, hanging out in Lake Como, and starring in films like Money Monster.
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Hank Azaria

Appeared In: Season 1, "The One With the Monkey" (1994)
Mad About You actor Azaria portrayed Pheebs' first big Friends love, David. Though he initially appeared in season 1, the actor popped up occasionally on the series, and even dated Phoebe again after she and Mike temporarily split.

Where Is He Now?
Azaria has voiced characters in over 600 episodes of The Simpsons. According to his IMDb page, he is currently filming the TV series Brockmire, based on a Funny or Die sketch he created.
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Tom Selleck

Appeared In: Season 2, “The One Where Ross and Rachel… You Know” (1996)
The episode that marks Ross and Rachel's hookup is the Magnum, P.I. star’s first appearance as Monica’s much older boyfriend Richard. While dating your dad’s best friend sounds super weird on paper, Monica and Richard make their May-December romance work — until Monica realises she wants to have children and Richard doesn’t. Were it not for Chandler, we may have wanted Monica and Richard to be endgame.

Where Is He Now?
Selleck has played Frank Reagan on CBS cop drama Blue Bloods since 2010.
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Julia Roberts

Appeared In: Season 2, “The One After the Super Bowl” (1996)
America’s sweetheart is not so sweet in this episode. A former classmate of Chandler's, her character exacts revenge for a cruel prank he played on her by leaving him sans clothes in a public bathroom.

Where Is She Now?
Roberts most recently appeared in Money Monster alongside fellow Friends guest star Clooney.
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Steve Zahn

Appeared In: Season 2, “The One With Phoebe’s Husband” (1995)
Zahn plays Phoebe’s secret Canadian husband who reveals to her that he wants a divorce because he’s not actually gay after all — and wants to get married for real.

Where Is He Now?
Zahn recently starred in Amazon series Mad Dogs and the heart-tugging drama Captain Fantastic.
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Jean-Claude Van Damme

Appeared In: Season 2, “The One After the Super Bowl” (1996)
Van Damme appears as himself in this episode as the wedge between Monica and Rachel.

Where Is He Now?
Van Damme recently appeared in Kickboxer: Vengeance and voiced Master Croc in Kung Fu Panda 3.
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Brooke Shields

Appeared In: Season 2, “The One After the Super Bowl” (1996)
The former model flatters — and then terrifies — Joey as soap opera stalker Erika, who can’t tell the difference between Joey and Dr. Drake Ramoray.

Where Is She Now?
Shields provides voice-overs for kids' series Creative Galaxy and the definitely not-safe-for-kids show Mr. Pickles.
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Charlie Sheen

Appeared In: Season 2, “The One With the Chicken Pox” (1996)
The Two and a Half Men star plays Phoebe’s Navy hookup, who spends one steamy, chicken pox-filled weekend with the coffee shop guitarist.

Where Is He Now?
Sheen's sitcom Anger Management ended in 2014. He will next appear in the September 11 drama Nine Eleven.
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David Arquette

Appeared In: Season 3, “The One With the Jam” (1996)
Courteney Cox’s would-be husband appeared on the series, but not as a love interest for Monica. Instead, Arquette played a man obsessed with Phoebe’s identical twin sister Ursula.

Where Is He Now?
Cox and Arquette, who married in 1999, have since amicably divorced. Arquette is the executive producer of the Celebrity Name Game and voices Skully on Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
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Ben Stiller

Appeared In: Season 3, “The One With the Screamer” (1997)
The Meet the Parents star played Rachel’s date with serious anger issues. After hitting his boiling point, Stiller’s character lashes out at the chick and the duck — and it’s not okay.

Where Is He Now?
The Zoolander actor reprised his role as the male model for Zoolander 2 and put on Blue Steel once again for an animated TV movie.
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Mae Whitman

Appeared In: Season 3, “The One Where Rachel Quits” (1997)
Before Whitman was on Arrested Development and Parenthood, she was the Brown Bird (read: Girl Scout) whose leg Ross accidentally breaks. All she wants to do was go to space camp!

Where Is She Now?
Whitman recently starred in YA novel adaptation The Duff, and does voice-over work for shows like DC Super Hero Girls.
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Penn Jillette

Appeared In: Season 4, “The One With the Cuffs” (1997)
One-half of magic duo Penn & Teller works a different kind of trick on Joey. As a traveling encyclopaedia salesman, his character is able to convince Joey to purchase the "V" volume in order to seem smarter to his friends. It almost works, until the conversation shifts from the Vietnam War to the Korean.

Where Is He Now?
The magician currently judges magic acts on the series Penn & Teller: Fool Us.
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Paget Brewster

Appeared In: Season 4, “The One With Joey’s New Girlfriend” (1997)
The Criminal Minds actress appears as Joey’s girlfriend (later turned Chandler’s girlfriend) Kathy during season 4. Kissing Kathy behind Joey’s back is the reason why Chandler winds up in that wooden box on Thanksgiving.

Where Is She Now?
Brewster has returned to Criminal Minds after stints on shows like Another Period and Grandfathered.
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Rebecca Romijn

Appeared In: Season 4, “The One With the Dirty Girl” (1997)
Romijn’s character is seemingly the perfect woman for Ross: She’s obsessed with science, gorgeous, and laughs at all of his weird dinosaur jokes. Unfortunately, she also has one fatal flaw: Her apartment is so messy, it might as well be a biohazard zone.

Where Is She Now?
The X-Men actress stars in The Librarians on TNT.
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Sherri Shepherd

Appeared In: Season 4, “The One With Phoebe’s Uterus” (1998)
The View panelist guest starred in this episode as a tour guide at the museum where Ross works. She helps Joey take a stand against the segregation between tour guides and curators by separating Ross and Joey from sitting together at lunch.

Where Is She Now?
Shepherd recently appeared on the series Rosewood in addition to co-hosting the ABC talk show.
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Hugh Laurie

Appeared In: Season 4, “The One With Ross’ Wedding” (1998)
The House doctor portrayed a disgruntled Englishman who's not so thrilled with Rachel as his seat partner during a trans-Atlantic flight.

Where Is He Now?
Laurie currently stars on the Hulu original series Chance.
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Soleil Moon Frye

Appeared In: Season 5, “The One With the Girl Who Hits Joey” (1999)
The former Punky Brewster played Katie, Joey’s girlfriend. Unfortunately for Joey, her peppiness ends with her playfully hitting him — and not lightly.

Where Is She Now?
The Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star most recently provided voice-over work for Robot Chicken.
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Cole Sprouse

Appeared In: Season 6, "The One That Could Have Been" (2000)
The former Suite Life of Zack & Cody star took over the role of Ross' son Ben in later seasons of Friends. He first appeared in season 6 and recurred on the series for six subsequent episodes.

Where Is He Now?
Sprouse attended NYU before jumping back into acting. The onetime Disney kid will star as Jughead on the upcoming CW series Riverdale, based on characters from Archie Comics.
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Bruce Willis

Appeared In: Season 6, “The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad” (2000)
The Die Hard star played one very intimidating character on the sitcom. As Paul, the father of Ross’ college-aged girlfriend, Willis’ eerily calm demeanour is enough to strike fear into the palaeontologist's heart. In a strange twist of events, he also winds up dating Rachel.

Where Is He Now?
The action movie star most recently starred in Once Upon a Time in Venice, about an L.A. detective hell-bent on getting back at the gang that stole his dog.
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Reese Witherspoon

Appeared In: Season 6, “The One With Rachel’s Sister” (2000)
Witherspoon channeled her ultimate spoiled brat for this recurring season 6 role. She played Jill, Rachel’s shopping-addicted sister who can’t quite cut the credit card cord in order to gain her independence. And, like many of the guest stars on this list, she also goes on a failed date with Ross.

Where Is She Now?
Witherspoon will appear on the HBO series Big Little Lies and is currently filming the new adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time.
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Susan Sarandon

Appeared In: Season 7, “The One With Joey’s New Brain” (2001)
Sarandon played slap-loving soap star Jessica, who learns that her character’s brain will be placed in Dr. Drake Ramoray’s head. She then teaches Joey how to channel his inner soap goddess.

Where Is She Now?
Sarandon recently played helicopter mom to Rose Byrne in The Meddler.
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Eva Amurri Martino

Appeared In: Season 7, “The One With Joey’s New Brain,” (2001)
The Saved! actress appeared as her real-life mother Sarandon’s soap opera co-star. Unfortunately for Amurri’s character, she gets caught in the crossfire of one of Jessica’s famous slaps.

Where Is She Now?
Martino has a popular blog called Happily Eva After, and appears in the 2016 film Mothers and Daughters.
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Denise Richards

Appeared In: Season 7, “The One With Ross and Monica’s Cousin” (2001)
Richards portrays Ross and Monica’s crazy-hot cousin, whom Ross can’t help but picture in less-than-familial terms. Let’s be real: It’s still kind of ick.

Where Is She Now?
Richards recently appeared on YouTube's StyleHaul series Vanity.
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Winona Ryder

Appeared In: Season 7, “The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss” (2001)
The Heathers actress plays Rachel’s sorority sister, who refuses to acknowledge her steamy hookup with “Ray Ray” back in college. At the end of the episode, it’s revealed why: She’s been secretly waiting for Rachel’s love confession for the past decade.

Where Is She Now?
If you didn't watch Ryder as the determined mom in Netflix's Stranger Things, what are you even doing with your life?
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Gabrielle Union

Appeared In: Season 7, “The One With the Cheap Wedding Dresses” (2001)
The Being Mary Jane star appears in this episode as a cute new neighbour whom Joey and Ross can’t help but fight over. Unfortunately for the boys, their constant one-upping of one another makes them appear utterly insane to their potential love interest.

Where Is She Now?
Union will next star in the holiday flick Almost Christmas.
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Kristin Davis

Appeared In: Season 7, “The One With Ross’ Library Book” (2000)
The Sex and the City actress appears as Joey’s date, whom Phoebe and Rachel instantly obsess over. Unfortunately, when Joey finally gets on board with dating Davis’ character full-time, she decides she’s not looking for anything serious.

Where Is She Now?
Davis most recently appeared as an even-more-type-A-than-Charlotte educator in Bad Teacher.
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Jason Alexander

Appeared In: Season 7, “The One Where Rosita Dies” (2001)
Seinfeld crossover? Not quite, but Alexander does play a suicidal office manager whom Phoebe has to talk off the ledge on her first day as a toner salesperson.

Where Is He Now?
Alexander recently returned to his sitcom roots with an arc on Fox's The Grinder.
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Gary Oldman

Appeared In: Season 7, “The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding” (2001)
The Dark Knight actor plays Joey’s famous co-star in his first big movie. Unfortunately, he’s a spitter.

Where Is He Now?
Oldman will next appear in sci-fi drama The Space Between Us, about a boy raised in space who struggles to acclimate to Earth.
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Brad Pitt

Appeared In: Season 8, “The One With the Rumor” (2001)
Before any of the Brangelina drama went down, Jennifer Aniston’s then-husband Brad Pitt appeared on Friends as a former classmate of Rachel, Ross, and Monica's. Despite the off-camera love between Aniston and Pitt, the Inglourious Basterds star played a character who loathed Rachel so much, he started an I Hate Rachel Green club.

Where Is He Now?
Pitt will next star in the highly anticipated World War II movie Allied.
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Sean Penn

Appeared In: Season 8, “The One With the Halloween Party” (2001)
Oscar-winner Penn plays a character fooled by Phoebe’s pathologically lying sister Ursula. Unfortunately for Phoebe, he can’t quite see past the fact that Phoebe and Ursula are mirror images of one another.

Where Is He Now?
Penn, who recently starred in The Gunman, is currently filming The Professor and the Madman.
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Alec Baldwin

Appeared In: Season 8, “The One in Massapequa” (2002)
Liz Lemon would hardly recognise Baldwin’s Friends character: The actor played Phoebe’s wedding date who is so optimistic, even the bubbly Phoebe can’t deal.

Where Is He Now?
Baldwin recently channeled Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live and will next star in Blind opposite Demi Moore.
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Jeff Goldblum

Appeared In: Season 9, “The One With the Mugging,” (2003)
The Jurassic Park star plays Leonard Hayes, a big-shot actor who helps Joey find his motivation during an audition. Unfortunately for Joey, the motivation is having to pee really, really bad.

Where Is He Now?
Goldblum reprised his role as David in 2016's Independence Day: Resurgence.
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Christina Applegate

Appeared In: Season 9, “The One With Rachel’s Other Sister” (2002)
Though Witherspoon didn’t reappear as Rachel’s spoiled sister Jill, Applegate rounded out the Green trio when she portrayed the brash, unapologetic Amy, who can’t keep Rachel’s daughter’s name straight.

Where Is She Now?
The Anchorman 2 actress recently starred in Bad Moms.
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Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Appeared In: Season 9, “The One With the Male Nanny” (2002)
The She’s All That heartthrob played a sensitive, kind male nanny to Ross and Rachel’s daughter Emma. Naturally, Ross’ fragile masculinity cannot handle it.

Where Is He Now?
Prinze has been doing voice-over work for the last few years, with roles on Robot Chicken and Star Wars Rebels.
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Selma Blair

Appeared In: Season 9, “The One With Christmas in Tulsa” (2002)
The Legally Blonde actress plays Chandler’s Oklahoma co-worker who helps him realize spending the holidays with his loved ones is way more important than the job he hates. Of course, she does this by making a pass at him, but hey, at least it helps him realize the meaning of Christmas?

Where Is She Now?
Blair took on the role of Kris Jenner on FX's The People vs. O.J. Simpson.
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Dermot Mulroney

Appeared In: Season 9, "The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work" (2003)
The My Best Friend's Wedding actor played Gavin, Rachel's temporary replacement at Ralph Lauren, who ends up developing feelings for the single mom. Gavin sticks around for three episodes, until he realises that Rachel isn't totally over Ross.

Where Is He Now?
Mulroney had a recent arc on Shameless and appears in the Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle.
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Aisha Tyler

Appeared In: Season 9, "The One With the Soap Opera Party" (2003)
Tyler played Charlie, Ross' super-smart colleague turned Joey's girlfriend — and, later, Ross' girlfriend. She appears in nine episodes of the series, across season 9 and into season 10.

Where Is She Now?
In addition to being a panelist on The Talk, Tyler recently joined the cast of Criminal Minds as Dr. Tara Lewis, another brilliant woman to follow in Charlie's footsteps.
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Jennifer Coolidge

Appeared In: Season 10, “The One With Ross’ Tan” (2003)
The American Pie star put on her best fake English accent to play a friend Monica and Phoebe attempt to phase out.

Where Is She Now?
Coolidge is now in the sitcom game: She currently plays Sophie on 2 Broke Girls.
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Greg Kinnear

Appeared In: Season 10, “The One With Ross’ Grant” (2003)
Not classy, Kinnear. The Little Miss Sunshine actor played Ross’ girlfriend Charlie’s ex, who attempts to manipulate Ross into breaking up with Charlie by holding grant money for a research dig over Ross’ head. Ross chooses love over dinosaur bones, but Charlie picks her ex over Ross, anyway.

Where Is He Now?
Kinnear starred in Rake in 2014 and played Joe Biden in the TV movie Confirmation.
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Danny DeVito

Appeared In: Season 10, “The One Where the Stripper Cries” (2004)
DeVito’s over-the-hill stripper attempts to show Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica “the long arm of the law” when he arrives in a cop costume at Phoebe’s bachelorette party.

Where Is He Now?
The Twins actor has starred as Frank on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia since 2006.
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Ellen Pompeo

Appeared In: Season 10, “The One Where the Stripper Cries” (2004)
The Grey’s Anatomy star plays Missy, the college girl who got away for both Ross and Chandler. Until Ross realises that Chandler was hooking up with her behind his back the entire time.

Where Is She Now?
Still being Meredith Grey, as she has since 2005. She recently appeared in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video.
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Dakota Fanning

Appeared In: Season 10, “The One With Princess Consuela" (2004)
The I Am Sam star appears in season 10 of Friends as the little girl who lives in the house Monica and Chandler just purchased. After Joey and Fanning’s character share a heartfelt moment, Chandler brilliantly trolls Joey by telling him that the little girl who lived in the house died years earlier.

Where Is She Now?
Fanning stars in American Pastoral.
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Craig Robinson

Appeared In: Season 10, “The One With Princess Consuela” (2004)
The Hot Tub Time Machine star plays the clerk who gives Phoebe the go-ahead to change her name to “anything” she wants. What he doesn’t know is that the name she’ll pick is Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

Where Is He Now?
The comedian took a more serious turn for a role in season 2 of Mr. Robot.
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Jane Lynch

Appeared In: Season 10, “The One Where Estelle Dies” (2004)
The Emmy-winner appeared in season 10 as the real estate agent selling Monica and Chandler’s neighbours' house. Unfortunately, the person Lynch is selling it to? None other than Chandler’s ex, Janice.

Where Is She Now?
Lynch recently starred on the 2016 CBS sitcom Angel From Hell.
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Paul Rudd

Appeared In: Season 9, "The One With the Pediatrician" (2002)
The never-ageing actor played Phoebe's boyfriend turned husband Mike Hannigan on 18 episodes of the series.

Where Is He Now?
Rudd currently portrays Ant-Man in the Marvel Universe and reprised his role of Andy in Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer TV series.
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Daryl Sabara

Appeared In: Season 10, “The One Where Ross Is Fine” (2003)
Chandler’s ability to talk to kids has hopefully improved since he became a dad. In this episode, Spy Kids actor Sabara stars as a child Chandler casually informs that he is adopted.

Where Is He Now?
He's currently rumoured to be dating Meghan Trainor and voices Rhino in the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man.
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Anna Faris

Appeared In: Season 10, "The One With the Birth Mother, (2004)
Faris played Erica, the mother of Chandler and Monica's twins, who spends some time in New York before giving birth during the series finale.

Where Is She Now?
The comedian (who has the cutest son ever with hubby Chris Pratt) currently stars on the CBS sitcom Mom.

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