Joey Tribbiani's Hair On Friends Was Full Of Secrets

Photo: Reisig & Taylor/NBC/Getty Images.
If you need a list of successful actors with salt-and-pepper hair, just look at George Clooney or Matt Bomer or Steve Carrell. It's their thing. But for Matt Leblanc, his greying hair did not fit in with his 20-something Friends character Joey Tribbiani from a decade ago — which is why he dyed his hair the entire time he was on the popular sitcom. Now, we've learned how exactly he did it... and in true Joey fashion, the story is an unbelievable mess.
Earlier this week, Leblanc appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and revealed the other half to his hair colour conundrum. When the actor started going grey during the second season of the show, he discovered a faster way to hide those silver strands: Just For Men. Apparently, this reduced Leblanc's colour appointments from about two hours to just five minutes — a huge difference anyone who's camped out in a salon chair can understand. So he enthusiastically showed it to his hairstylist on set.
Leblanc tried dyeing his own hair at home with the drugstore product. And just like how we felt watching Chandler pluck Joey's eyebrows on the season nine episode "The One Where Monica Sings," we totally saw this disaster coming. After taking the dye for a test run in the shower that night, Leblanc revealed that it didn't turn out as well as he had hoped: "I come to work the next day [and] my ears are all black," he said.
He must have figured something out, because Joey kept his dark brown hair for all 10 seasons. Still, if the show ever makes a comeback, we definitely wouldn't mind seeing Dr. Drake Ramoray return as a silver fox.

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