You Need These Workout Playlists In Your Life

Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
It's no secret that getting motivated to exercise can be harder than the workout itself. Struggling to get over that hump? Don't laugh, but it might help to think of your exercise time as a school disco - i.e. you’re going to feel really awkward and inclined to linger by the wall until a really great song comes on.
With that in mind, we’re rounding up our favourite workout tracks, from fresh remixes to old favourites. Get ready to catch yourself humming through your jog, virtual HIIT class, or yoga practice. Music is a powerful thing, you guys. And, don’t worry, Beyoncé does indeed make an appearance.
Don't be surprised if you end up keeping a steadier pace while listening. And if you're in need of further reassurance that the playlist maketh the workout, research has also found that music with a strong beat has been found to help people's movements stay consistent during exercise. Get your heart pumping with this set of bangers.
The R&B run
Trying to keep pace is one thing, and being motivated enough to keep running is another. Spotify's "Run This Town" playlist is here to help with both in this collection of 150-165BMP R&B bangers.
The pop power playlist
Resent having to update your own workout playlist with a slew of new tracks every week? This pop playlist has your exercise sessions covered for spring 2021.
The chart hits
Thanks to music from Lorde and Post Malone, this is the playlist to get you moving — here are the forgotten chart hits of recent years.
The 2010 throwback
Fan of the 2010s? Break a sweat to tracks from Avicii, Kesha, and more.
The hip-hop workout
If you can't listen to another happy hardcore remix of the Chainsmokers, check out this hip-hop workout playlist instead.
The 90s club classics
If you're more into your cheese and throwbacks, give this selection a go:
The rock rewind
And if you like your rock with a slice of nostalgia, here's one for you.
The nostalgia winner
Granted, 10-years ago this would be the CD your aunt bought you to Christmas after your mum let slip that you're "into exercise now", but there are always some gems to be found in NOW That's What I Call Music!
The bike bangers
Whether you love spin classes or the adrenaline rush of a hilly bike ride in the rain, this group cycle inspired playlist will get you going.

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