How To Fit In Exercise When You Have A Full-Time Job

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
Between the daily agony of long hours spent at an uncomfortable desk, and an unrelenting schedule, having a demanding job can often interfere with your exercise habits — if not stop them dead in their tracks. And that's a problem, because when you're stressed out and sedentary, exercise is one of the best things you can do to manage anxiety and ensure that you stay physically active through all that sitting.
When it comes to fitness, it often seems like working people have two options: wake up early enough to go work out, or hope that you have enough energy to work out in the evening. While hopping over to the gym in the middle of the day sounds like a nice solution, most of us don't have that luxury on a daily basis. And keeping a set of weights or foam roller stashed under your desk may not jam with your office culture.
Everyone's work life is different, so what works for you and your schedule or job demands might not work for the next person. So, we asked people in the Refinery29 community to share their tips for squeezing fitness into their workday. Whether you sit all day or are on your feet, hopefully this creative advice will inspire you to squeeze in a sweat session of your own.

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