The Full Frost Moon Is In Taurus, & It’s Time To Indulge

Photo: Getty Images.
The weather is getting colder and the year is drawing to a close. On Tuesday, November 12, the full Frost Moon will rise in the sky.
As you may already know, each month’s moon has a different traditional name. And November’s full moon has quite a few. Along with the Frost Moon, it’s sometimes called the Mourning Moon, Beaver Moon, Snow Moon, Fog Moon, or Moon of Storms. These names came into being because of the cold November weather, and, according to Farmer’s Almanac, because it's a signal that it's time for hunters to set their beaver traps.  
In astrology, full moons represent a sense of completion and fulfillment. It’s a time to look back on what you’ve accomplished since the last full moon and celebrate that you’ve made it through the challenges. This month, the full moon is in Taurus, a sign known for a sensual, down-to-earth nature and a love of luxury. In other words, this full moon is a great time to treat yourself well. 
“The full moon in Taurus is a very fertile time to release, revise, and plant seeds for the future,” astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. And even though this full moon falls during a particularly chaotic time of month, it’s bringing us positivity. “This sensual luminary occurs during Mercury retrograde, which means we will deep dive into healing the past — also, learning from past mistakes and amending them for the future.”
Taurus is a natural fit for the full moon energy, Stardust adds. “Taurus is a sign that likes to build and create. The moon’s favourite sign to be in is Taurus because it’s an eat, drink, and be merry placement (which the moon loves),” she explains. 
Along with reflecting on the month behind you, celebrate this full moon by treating yourself to familiar comforts. “Treat yourself to comfort food or a treat that reminds you of the past. Call mom for tips on how to cook your favourite meals,” Stardust suggests. “As with all full moons, it’s advisable not to magic or manifest anything — but rather, sit back and honour the moon.”
As for how to honour the moon: “Embrace the earth. Listen to music. Dance. Drink fine wine. Eat decadent foods," Stardust says. "Have consensual sex — solo or with a partner. Respect your body.” Start planning your Tuesday night now — both the menu and the dessert.

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