Your New Year’s Eve Horoscope Is Here, & This Is How Each Sign Should Celebrate

Ready to celebrate new possibilities for 2022? It’s promising to be a happy year.  There's an air of optimism ahead, thanks to Jupiter's recent transit into Pisces. The Planet of Expansion moved into intuitive Pisces as of December 28, blessing us with loads of luck and romance for 2022. 
That said, if you're considering setting resolutions this New Year’s Eve, don't be too hard on yourself. Since Venus began her retrograde journey in Capricorn on December 19, we’ve been encouraged to think carefully about details. (Unlike her speedy brother Mercury, the Planet of Love, Beauty, and Money only moves in reverse every 18 months.) We may be tempted to make significant changes through cosmetic procedures, major home changes, hasty relationships, or financial decisions during this period, but we need to hold off. Prepare to be ready for more solid ground and seek transformation when she stations direct on January 29. 
The sun’s entrance into practical Capricorn on December 21 encouraged us to celebrate our ambitions and pursue our dreams. This NYE, use that energy to create positive goals and manifest exciting projects. Our collective energy winds down on Friday night as the moon wanes in optimistic Sagittarius. It's time for us to tie up loose ends so that we can begin fresh upon the first new moon in the new year, on January 2 in Capricorn. 
Ultimately, the planets are in favour of us having an expansive, successful new year — all we have to do is lean into that energy, and find time to celebrate.

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