Your November Horoscope Is Here, & These Dates Will Surprise You

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano.
November’s astrological movements are gonna shake up your world — hopefully for the better. The new moon in Scorpio that occurs on November 4 is an intense moment. Uranus retrograde opposes the new moon, making the events of the day unpredictable and exciting. The following day, Mercury enters Scorpio and Venus moves into Capricorn. Communication won’t be as plentiful during this time, as we’ll be relying on unspoken words to express our innermost sentiments. Financial and romantic matters will be taken seriously then — that’s right, it’s time to boss up when it comes to our RRSPs and saving plans, and love lives. Eclipse season begins on November 19, when the lunar eclipse in Taurus activates our passions. Finally, the sun’s movement into Sagittarius on November 21, followed by Mercury’s swift jump into the same fiery sign on November 24, will make us all more adventurous and willing to expand our horizons without hesitation. 

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