Your September Horoscope Is Here, & These Dates Might Throw You Off Track

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano.
Autumnal sunsets, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice lattes are not the only things coming our way in September. The month ahead brings a fiery mix of emotions, plenty of moments to reflect on the past, and ultimately, a chance to start anew.
This month always fills us with new schemes we want to make reality, but September 6’s Virgo new moon will add confusion and uncertainty to our best-laid plans. Then on September 10 and 14, respectively, lovelorn Venus enters Scorpio and the action planet Mars enters Libra. This is a happy pairing: Venus and Mars will be in mutual reception of each other, meaning each planet is located in the sign that the other rules. Although Venus can be tempestuous in Scorpio, its mutual reception with Mars in Libra softens those vibes. Meanwhile, Mars is normally weakened in passive Libra, but the mutual reception lends the red planet power and tenacity. 
The Harvest Full Moon in Pisces September 20 is a time for sentimentality and romance, and the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, the same day as the Fall Equinox. On this day, there will be even hours of day and night, which will set the balanced tone for Libra season. The only snag ahead is the Mercury retrograde that begins on September 27 and lasts until October 17 in airy Libra. This will be a time when we will struggle to find our equilibrium and footing in relationships, as well as our own personal paths, so move forward with care.

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