Your Weekly Horoscope: December 5th to December 11th, 2021

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano.

Astrology, if you’re interested in it, is a tool more than anything else. It helps us see ourselves and each other, our similarities and our nuances. But, more than that, it helps us visualize our relationship to time and the limits of time, to a universe that keeps her own pace and her own score. In light of this, or under it, it’s worth saying that the days following the solar eclipse in Sagittarius are not days outside of that eclipse, are not days without it. To follow is the walk behind, to use the path that continues to break open before you by forces before you, seen and unseen. Mars in Scorpio makes a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn on December 6, easing our movement forward, with our compasses in hand, with respect for what has passed over us and how it has transformed us. On December 7, Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces and what we agree to now, what we take and mistake for the truth, will have just as much to do with our discernment as it will our intuition. But intuition isn’t always easy to access, and so it will be our work to hone it, to differentiate it from our fear and from our attachment to the familiar narrative — especially when what’s familiar is what ultimately holds us back. Mars in Scorpio’s square to Jupiter in Aquarius on December 8 reminds us that while the call might be coming from inside the house, the opportunities on the line are not yet known and can’t be. There’s a difference between being cautious and being closed off, a difference between being a realist and refusing the very real and luminous possibilities of the world. Life, its tapestry, is bigger than us, and we only know the stitches we have learned so far — never all of them. These reminders make rings in the water, stones that wait for the first quarter moon to blink open in Pisces on December 10, and Venus to join Pluto on the 11th. We can pick up the call or hang it up, we can begin again knowing that no matter how familiar the wheel feels, each turn turns us into something new.

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