This Might Be The Most Intense Way To Celebrate The Full Moon

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
As spiritual events go, the monthly full moon and its corresponding rituals are especially versatile. Even the smallest observances can honor the moon's expansive energy during this phase, but there are plenty of more elaborate options, too, if you'd rather go all out with your full moon celebrations.
One of the most powerful full moon esbats, or celebrations, in nature-based faiths is known as "drawing down the moon," in which the divine feminine is summoned down to Earth. As you may have guessed, this ritual is a little more advanced than, say, a solo cleansing.
Within Wiccan and Pagan traditions, the moon is believed to be imbued with feminine energy, to the point it's often associated with a female deity referred to as "the Goddess." Drawing down the moon is one way worshippers believe they can make contact with her.
Under the light of the full moon and with the support of a group, one person must open themselves up as a vessel for the Goddess. While the rest of the group recites an incantation to welcome the Goddess into the circle, the "vessel" is expected to enter a meditative state so intense that it's almost a trance. It's at this point that the Goddess is believed to arrive. The group may feel a shift in energy, or the vessel might even convey a message from her. The ritual ends when the group no longer feels the Goddess' presence.
At least, that's what should happen.
Drawing down the moon takes a lot of experience and concentration, so don't be discouraged if you don't get everything right the first few times you try: You might not feel any kind of energetic shift. You might not even nail the incantation. The important thing is that you're making an effort to bring the moon and its influence into your life.
If you don't think you're ready for such an intense ritual but still want to explore lunar magic, you can make the moon as a celestial object (rather than a divine deity) the focus of your ritual. Simply stand in its light and let it wash over you.
As we said before, there are all sorts of rituals you can perform to pay tribute to the full moon. What matters is finding one that leaves you feeling that glorious fullness, too.

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