What To Do On The Full Moon If You DGAF About Rituals

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
You're not into crystals. You don't believe in tarot readings. You barely read your horoscope. And you certainly don't carry out full moon rituals. We get it: Not everyone subscribes to this kind of spirituality. But, if you still have a passing interest in it, there are ways to make it part of your life — especially when it comes to that pesky full moon.
This lunar phase is great for charging your crystals, meditating, and even casting a spell or two, but you can reap the benefits of the full moon's energy in smaller, simpler ways, too. In other words, you don't need to start a crystal collection and call up your local chakra healer if you want to ring in this month's full moon.
Read on to discover how you can make this spiritual event your own, before it reaches peak fullness (either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, depending on how you look at it). Ahead, four ways to observe the full moon for the regular non-witch out there.
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Keep track of it.

This is the easiest (and most obvious) way to make the full moon a part of your life: just know when it's going to happen. Look up the next few months' full moon times online, pick up a lunar calendar, or even make the lunar cycle part of your look with a moon phase watch.

Once you have a way to remember that the full moon is coming, you can make sure you're outside when it reaches its peak. It's believed that just soaking up some moonlight (known as moon bathing) during this phase can be beneficial — and, if anything, catching the moon at its fullest makes for some stunning Instagrams.
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Pamper yourself.

Speaking of bathing, we highly recommend spending the next full moon at the spa or in your own tub. Part of this lunar phase's energy is an immense feeling of restoration and purification. That's what makes it a wonderful time to charge crystals or perform a cleansing ritual — the full moon is considered a spiritual reset button.

Along with your spirit, your mind and body deserve a break, too, so why not schedule your monthly you-time to coincide with the full moon? A massage or some alone time with your favorite book is sure to recharge your batteries for the remainder of the month.
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Get real.

As lovely as full moons can be, they are also an opportune time for facing hard truths and clearing away anything that no longer serves you. As we mentioned earlier, the full moon is associated with purity. So, perform a practical cleansing ritual that targets the unnecessary woes in your life: Cut out toxic people, break bad habits, or literally clean out your closets. Handling these tricky (and often difficult) tasks truly is a form of self-care.
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We've said it before and we'll say it again: Full moons are sexy. When it's completely visible, the moon represents completion. Ever since the last new moon (when the moon was totally invisible), the moon's energy has been building back toward fullness. It's common for the full moon to usher in a feeling of expansion and then immediate release. Sound familiar? Whether you spend the weekend in bed with a partner or on your own, heating things up is absolutely a form of lunar celebration.

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