Wrap Up Warm With These Winter Accessories

Designed by Kristine Romano.
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When we think of wrapping up for winter, our minds normally go to pulling out the big coat from the back of the wardrobe. Whether that’s a triple-layer puffer jacket or a fluffy faux fur coat, outerwear gets the majority of airtime when it comes to preparing for the bitter winter. And while a big coat does provide protection from the elements, the real heroes of winter dressing are the small but mighty accessories.  
Often an afterthought, the power of a good winter set is not to be underestimated. From a knitted woolly hat that stops you losing heat from your head to a pair of mittens that will see off frostbitten fingers, accessories are essential for cold-weather dressing. Though the majority of us have owned scarves, hats and gloves at some point in our lives, it’s rare that we hold onto them long enough to own all three at once.
But as we enter 2022's chilly season we are making it our mission to ensure we have all the appropriate accessories to keep us warm on our winter walks. To take a look at the best winter accessories in the shops right now, click through the slideshow ahead...
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