12 Matching Sweatsuits Worth Living In

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While many pandemic trends have come and gone (RIP, many, many sourdough starters), there are some that will likely stay with us for a while. A slew of new outfit phenomena have proven to be just too cute and comfortable to leave behind once we're back to venturing out of our apartments. There's one in particular that I’ll remain grateful for: the matching sweatsuit.
As WFH enthusiasts, we've always been big fans of conducting phone interviews and writing stories in the comfort of plush loungewear. While matching sweatsuits are nothing new, the category exploded in 2020 and elevated our home wardrobes beyond the 'I just rolled out of bed' look. And now that in-person meetings, events, and coffee dates are replacing Zoom calls, these matching sets are transitioning from stay-home staples and workout clothes to chic streetwear. One reason they're not going anywhere? The comfy sets are endlessly iterable and can be updated to match the current season, trending colour and more.
Ahead, find 12 stylish sweatsuit sets that are so cozy that you won’t want (or really need) to take them off.
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