“Not A Girl’s Girl”: MAFS’ Sara & Tori Get Real About Their Post-Show Relationship

While we look at Married At First Sight Australia for the couples — whether they're loved up or a total trainwreck — we often overlook the friendships sprouted from the show. We've already seen one fan favourite friendship unfold in the form of the Charlie's Angels (featuring Lauren, Sara, and surprisingly, Timothy), but one that's caused a bit of a stir comes in the form of the friendship between Tori, Lauren and Sara.
Already in the season, Lauren has aired hurt over Tori sticking by her on-screen husband Jack, prompting Tori to say that she wouldn't be friends with anyone after the experiment. Now, we've got a bit of a hint as to how the women's friendship has gone down after the show and uh, it's not good.
"So in the beginning, I had obviously met Lauren for the first time at the hens," Tori tells Refinery29 Australia. "We did click, we both have a very outrageous sense of humour... however, I think after the episode with the muzzle comment and Jack apologising to Lauren and it being all well and good. The narrative, or I guess Lauren's approach, in conjunction with Sara, changed. "

"What those girls did to me was not friendship."

Tori Adams
But Tori explains that when the girls had aired previous concerns about Jack, it wasn't done out of concern for her welfare. "The girls come to me at the next dinner party and they bring all these things to my attention. And what is being said isn't accurate, but that's neither here nor there. Because they're coming to me and they're tabling this issue at the dinner party out of respect for our friendship."
Tori tells us that after Sara's cheating scandal emerged, Lauren was well aware of it and kept it "in the vault", not telling anyone about it. "Sara and Lauren spoke about it but it was never tabled, and I think that right there, that privacy isn't friendship," she says.
"What those girls did to me was not friendship," Tori says. "Lauren's depicting this best friendship, but it's not accurate."

"Tori has always said she's not a girl's girl... It's pretty interesting to see it play back — the things that she was saying behind my back and how she felt about that friendship."

Sara Mesa
But in an interview with Sara Mesa, she revealed that their friendship might not have played out exactly as Tori was saying. "Tori, Lauren, Eden and I, we became close at the beginning of the season," Sara tells Refinery29 Australia. " I was close to her mainly through Lauren. Lauren and her got really close. I did care for her because I knew that she really liked Jack. And I was like, I do not want to see her get hurt. "
But Sara says something that Jack's friend hinted at during Homestays Week — that she's not a "girl's girl" and that she thought their friendship was quite different to how it's portrayed on screen. "Tori had always said she's not a girl's girl, like she made that very, very evident at the beginning," she explains. "It's pretty interesting to see it play back — the things that she was saying behind my back and how she felt about that friendship."
"I mean, look at this, essentially, we knew each other a few weeks, so I can understand that maybe she didn't feel a strong friendship," she ponders. "However, I think that with Lauren, her and I were very much girl's girls and we really value those friendships, even if they are short-lived or even if you just met them. So to us, they did mean something, but I guess to her, they didn't."
Yikes. Based on these comments, we can only expect that the MAFS reunion will be even more chaotic than we thought it would be (as if that was even possible!). Let's hope the women can make up.
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