MAFS Recap 2024 Episode 32: Legend Has It Jayden Is Still Talking At Eden Today

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Episode 32, baby! Unsurprisingly, Homestays Week on Married At First Sight has been, to put it mildly, a clusterfuck. We've watched Jack's bestie biff with Tori, Timothy yeet himself away from Lucinda, Eden run away from Jayden (lol, I'd do the same), and everyone question whether Ridge is deece enough to be a father.
We start this episode with Tim and Sara, who is looking like a bubblegum Barbie princess. Slay. Meanwhile, Laura is prepping to return back to the group after her surgery, and she is also looking like a Barbie! I love the coordination. Lauren reckons she wants to chat with her 'friend' Tori, who has apparently blanked her since she went off for her surgery. Our little voiceover friend tries to convince us that Tori and Lauren are "besties" and um, have we been watching the same TV show?
However, Tori is like, eh, whatever, and looks like a little hottie! Excuse me? The dress? The makeup? The hair? There's clearly a post-sex glow going on. Yes, seven weeks after the experiment kicked off, Tori and Jack have finally consummated their marriage! Can we please stop talking about their sex life now? It's weird. Jack suggestively wriggles his eyebrows up and down at Tori and I'm like, please, make it stop.
Then, as though Jack is purposely trying to fuck with us, he says that Tori "liked it" and that "the man is always the star of the show". Those, my friends, sound like the words of a man who doesn't know where the clitoris is. Jack reckons it was "meaningful" to do it on "home soil" (the Gold Coast, FYI) and confesses that the whole affair went on for "eight minutes". Again, these are all words that he voluntarily said.
We briefly check in with Jade, who says that if Ridge isn't willing to take the whole relationship seriously, she's outtie.
Then, we're back with our queen, Lucinda, who is wearing black as if she's in mourning for the relationship. Lucinda's a bit worried about the dinner party ahead of them and says that she doesn't want to fight, but she does want to convey her disappointment.
Over with Timothy, he says he's realised he's very set in his ways, which he has mixed feelings about. After recharging with some time alone, Tim says that he's still there and open to what she has to say, welcoming criticism with open arms. A Tim redemption arc? Again???
But just as we're about to head off to the dinner party, we check in again with Jayden and Eden, with Eden saying that she wants to leave and not go to dinner. She's crying, while Jayden just looks at her with a blank face. Is this his idea of supporting her? Weird. She says she doesn't want to go only to have another argument, but Jayden clearly just wants to air their shit in front of everyone.

Tori and Jack Tell Everyone They've Done It

Finally, everyone arrives at the dinner party, and I'm just cracking my knuckles and bracing myself for the impending storm. Lauren reckons Tori is really into eating glazed Christmas ham, but says that she'll be having a slice tonight. Sara and Tim arrive and honestly, her and Lauren are SO CUTE! Couple of the season, for sure. Tim's also all chill and chummy with Sara, and it's nice to see him so happy. Ridge and Jade arrive, and the experts say their entrance is "flat" even though it feels like every other entrance.
Then, Lucinda comes through by herself and everyone's hearts collectively break. The experts act shocked to see her come through solo, and Lucinda tells everyone about Tim putting his walls up. Lucinda tells everyone that Timothy's man cave was "sticky", and babe, I now get why the apartment wasn't for you.
Ridge and Jade tell everyone that Tori and Jack officially boned, but that Jack used a "wind emoji" when explaining it to him. I don't know what they're talking about either. Then it's the moment. They arrive! They've done it! They look grim as hell! The couples all start asking them about it, but they're a bit meh and are like yeah, it was good. Not bahd. Good soize.
Timothy arrives and Lucinda immediately goes over and hugs him, which is really lovely to see. It's mum and dad against the world! Then our favourite trio reunites — Sara, Lauren and Timothy — who are now known as Charlie's Angels. Can I be Bosley?
Tori and Jade chat and Tori reckons she can settle in the Gold Coast. Wait, did we watch the same episode? You get roasted by his mates and you're like, yep, that's the life for me!
I don't even realise Eden and Jayden aren't there, but I guess it explains why I was having a really nice time watching this dinner party. They arrive. Righto. Everyone files in to eat. And by eat, I mean start shit. Everyone eats olives and potatoes and talks about homestays and Eden starts spiralllinnggggg.

Mama & Papa Are Back Together <3

Lucinda's up first and tells everyone her homestay was "pretty average". Tim says that it was the toughest week for him and went in operating at a 40% capacity. Of all people, Tori is the one to ask Tim about what went down, and it actually seems like a pretty respectful interaction between all of them. Timothy takes Lucinda aside and explains that he's frustrated at himself and he apologises to her and asks her to call him a dickhead whenever she wants. Hell yeah, call him a dickhead Luce, if it means repairing this relo!
Sara and Tim make out a bunch at the dinner table, and honestly, there are lovely civilised discussions happening everywhere. How delightful! I hope it lasts for at least two minutes! Tim tells everyone he's "pretty much" forgiven Sara after the cheating scandal and yay! More positivity! Cortisol levels lowering.
But we briefly get another David Lynchian moment around Eden, while Jade jumps in and talks smack about Ridge being immature. Ridge tells everyone that he and his lovely friends don't talk missionary; they talk doggy and reverse cow, and it's deece. Make it stop. Jade sufficiently gets the ick, along with every other woman in Australia, and Expert John says he's not getting "daddy vibes". You can't make this stuff up.

Tori’s Eyes Are Glazing Over, Full Of Ham

Then it's Jono and Lauren's turn, who are both pretty stoked after Homestay Week. They tell everyone that they're "making love", and Lucinda is hyped that they're bonking. Or to be more precise, that they have "energetic love and flow".
Timothy asks Tori about her and Jack gallivanting about the Gold Coast, and Jack says that he'll have "a room for her" if everything goes well. Lauren says Jack's gonna run into the "Gold Coast sunset with his nipples out" and charge her for the room like a housemate, calling him out.
Jack says he has "a lot of love for Tori" and Lauren reckons it's a bullshit answer, to which everyone agrees. Then Timothy launches in and asks if they fucked to take the heat off their relationship. Everyone starts going off at Tori and questions whether she's just blindly loyal to the glazed ham, but Tori's eyes just glaze over, full of ham.
Sara starts saying that Tori doesn't feel angry at Jack, to which she responds by going full rage mode, screaming that they don't know how she feels. Jack has the audacity to call Sara and Lauren "mean girls" — which is rich coming from a guy who tells women that they need to "muzzle" themselves.
Tori makes it very clear that she wouldn't want to spend any time with any of the other brides or grooms after the experiment is over and Lauren can't believe it because she thought they were besties for some reason. Lauren says she cares about her, but Tori's already yeeted herself off into hamland.

MAFS (David Lynch version)

Meanwhile, Eden looks at the table like she's about to throw up and realises she actually doesn't want to be on the show anymore. We get another David Lynch-esque moment, slowly watching Eden spiralling until they end up leaving the dinner, not even whispering a word of explanation. Everyone nervously sips their wine. Jayden's like DRINK WATER! THAT'LL FIX IT! She's clearly got a lot of anxiety, but Jayden is like, how am I meant to deal with that? He starts going off at her and her up-and-down mood, and this friends, is how you don't help someone with anxiety.
Eden calls him out and says that he wants to do the experiment, so he should. But uh, maybe without her. Jayden says he can't handle the "constant threats" and this is literally a trainwreck. Finally, Eden says she "can't do this anymore" and says that she doesn't want to argue with him, but he wants to talk about "specifics". How about no, mate.
He says a bunch of silly words and this is really a wild way to 'help' someone with anxiety. He keeps rattataing at her and blabbing on, and the experts say he's acting like a "security guard". So true, besties. Eden says that she's "scared of conflict" with him and holy shit, what a red flag. Even the way that she speaks in the confessional versus with him is a stark difference.
Then, thankfully, the episode is over (I truly don't think I could have watched Jayden a single minute longer). We get a clip of the next Commitment Ceremony (which is the final one!), with another shock cheating scandal emerging. Oh god, I still haven't recovered from the last one.

WTF Moment:


Couple Of The Episode:

Timothy! Apologising! To! Lucinda!


MVP goes to our favourite trio, Charlie's Angels.
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