5 Throwback Fashion Trends Reimagined For 2023

While Y2K style and the McBling aesthetic have dominated our feeds over the last few years, the '00s hype train is still not showing any signs of slowing down.
Honestly, we're stoked. The era was full of fun, eclectic and colourful ideas and silhouettes that we're happy to continue reimagining as the years roll on. As cargo pants, mini shoulder bags and baby tees have found a spot in our wardrobes once again, there's a whole new slew of throwback trends bubbling up right now. If you're looking to get in touch with your inner child and add a little joy to your 2023 wardrobe, here's some inspo.

Ballet Flats

I don't think there's an outfit that screams 2008 more than a tight-fitting V-neck tee, skinny jeans and ballet flats. The image might make you shudder, but ballet flats are back in a big way, just worn a little differently this time round. According to Lyst's 2022 Q3 report, ballet flats saw a 1,100% spike in searches after It-girls Sydney Sweeney, Rosalía and Bella Hadid were seen wearing Miu Miu's adorable flats. The shoes also harken back to the indie sleaze era, which has made a slow-burning comeback over the last year.
These days, we're styling ballet flats with colourful socks, Scandi-style dresses and leg warmers. If you need a little outfit inspo, we recommend checking out the balletcore hashtag on TikTok and indulging in a few videos.

Denim Maxi Skirts

When I recently saw Devon Lee Carlson rocking a denim maxi, my heart stopped. First of all, because it looked incredible, and secondly, because I couldn't fathom why we let them fall out of style. They're super flattering and work perfectly for both dressed-up and dressed-down casual looks.
Your typical 00s denim maxi probably looked a little stiff, with hardly any embellishments. These days we're dressing them up with frills, overlapping silhouettes and silver hardware. Since micro-minis dominated the trend cycle over the last few years, denim maxis feel like a breath of fresh air and functionality.


While you may have rejected your mum's plea to tie your hair with a bow the colour of your school's sports team as a kid, we highly suggest giving them another chance. Bows are back and cuter than ever, with celebs like Olivia Rodrigo rocking them regularly (in looks varying from punk to fairytale-esque) and hyped London Fashion Week designers Susan Fang, Richard Quinn, and Erdem championing the look on 2023 runways.
Fairycore and cottagecore have blown up on TikTok over the last few years with whimsical silhouettes and feminine textures, so bows starting to pop off feels like a natural extension in the trend cycle.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets were the ultimate 00s jewellery staple, and we highly suggest diving back in to please your inner child — because nothing screams dressing for joy than draping yourself in adorable little trinkets. Gen Z has been a huge champion of chunky, colourful jewellery, so it makes sense that charm bracelets too are primed for a revival. And since our generation loves individualism, charm bracelets offer up the perfect opportunity to show the world what we love with personalised charms.
If your thing is pop culture, 00s-favourite Pandora has teamed up with Marvel to drop a brand new range of Guardians Of The Galaxy-themed charms that are perfect for giving a basic jewellery look more personality. Personally, we'd reach for the cassette charm in the collection to add a little vintage flair.

Sequins & Shine

A sparkling lip or eye was everything in the 00s. And as the early 2010s made way for neutrals, mattes and minimalism, many of us forgot how much fun a little shimmer can add to an outfit.
The good news is, designers have been showcasing heaps of metallics and sequins over the last few months, with glimmers of silver, gold, bronze and rose gold — and not just for nighttime looks. If Dua Lipa's NYE outfit is anything to go off of, we'll all be sparkling a whole lot more as the year presses on.
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