Our 30 All-Time Favourite Carrie Bradshaw Looks From Sex And The City

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the world-famous series, Sex And The City. It says a lot about the show and its cultural significance that at 25, the show is older than I am, and I'm still rewatching it constantly. One of the best ways I can think of celebrating is going back over all the fashion — because as much as the show was about love, sex and friends, so much of it was about style.
The older we get, the more problematic we tend to find shows from the 90s and noughties, and unfortunately SATC is no exception. This includes taking protagonist Carrie Bradshaw off her pedestal and recognising her flaws as a person, as well as recognising the show's glorification of wealthy, white, middle-class, stick-thin women (though of course, Samantha Jones, we adore you and always will).
Despite all that, you can't deny that Bradshaw's style and wardrobe were exceptional, unique and inspiring, and so many of her looks are so timeless that we'd absolutely wear them today. This of course is thanks to the show's main costume designer and stylist, Patricia Field. Sourcing an eclectic yet cohesive wardrobe for Bradshaw, with the ideal mix of designer and secondhand, Field showed us just how important a personal sense of style is as opposed to just following the traditional rules of fashion.
Ahead, we've collated a list of our 30 all-time favourite Carrie Bradshaw looks (which was not an easy feat given all the years the show aired). Let's treat ourselves to a bit of nostalgia, and maybe even outfit inspiration, on this special anniversary.
Starting off strong, the pink tank and white tutu (which Patricia Field actually found in a clearance bin) was the intro outfit that never, ever got old.
The LBD (or technically charcoal grey or moss green; we've never been totally sure) to rule them all. All I've ever wanted in my wardrobe is a bodycon tank dress that looks as chic as this.
This floral Dolce & Gabbana maxi dress didn't make it to the runway that episode, but was firmly solidified in all of our hearts.
The Fendi baguette (iconic!) with a red halter and blue jeans combo is the casual-cool look I strive for constantly.
Affectionately known as Carrie's Revenge Dress, this white bias cut slip by Dior is one of her most timeless and iconic looks.
The pink snakeskin boots were on a whole other level of bold fashion, and they worked a treat with her infamous coat (though of course, we don't condone fur).
It may have been a heartbreaking moment in SATC history when Carrie wore this look, but the red cowboy hat, snakeskin boob tube and red striped skirt were incredible.
A slightly controversial pick perhaps, but I really love this slightly frazzled look, with the woollen knit romper and trench coat. It's giving Miu Miu in the late 90s meets Bridget Jones.
The John Galliano for Christian Dior newspaper dress, which Carrie wore again in the And Just Like That reboot, has become one of the rarest and most coveted garments in the fashion world. And there's no debate about why.
Carrie's wedding guest dress and ballet flats make for one of the most gorgeous and ethereal formal looks I've ever seen (though clouded by the designer Donna Karan's fall from grace for her comments about the #MeToo movement). And Miranda, I see you too in that chic sheer-sleeved black midi.
The Richard Tyler summer dress to end all summer dresses! I only wish it got more screen time before Carrie and the dress got drenched.
This low-cut tasselled sequin number is just so special and gorgeous — it belongs in a museum.
Carrie could make the simplest boob tube, cargo pants and statement necklace combo look so chic.
This formal grey slip dress is the epitome of sexy 90s formal wear, and I will never get over it.
Carrie may have been checking out at the venue for her first book launch, but I was looking at her outfit, which is fun yet elegant with the contrasting stripes and florals that only she could pull off.
So simple yet so unbelievably cool, Carrie's pink sequin skirt paired with a simple white shoestring tank is everything.
Carrie went through a little "bum bag on the hip" era for a while there, and I was so for it. Especially this Gucci bum bag paired with a top-to-bottom ‘50s-by-way-of-’80s Prada fit.
Just when you thought I'd forgotten the naked dress! I could never. It's still one of my personal life missions to find a dress like this.
Of course, Carrie brought elegance to her outfit even at an S/M restaurant opening. There's no rest for the stylish.
This simple yet sexy snake print dress is exactly how Carrie approached club nights, in the early days. While a lot of her looks are busy and full-on, there were those moments when she knew simplicity was best.
During those special L.A. episodes, Carrie wore this sparkly sheer caftan over her bikini and it was a real poolside showstopper.
Perfecting a simplicity yet again on her reunion double date with Aidan, Carrie went for this pared-back casual look where her accessories — the famous Gucci bum bag and a gorgeous diamond necklace — really brought the outfit together to make something special and chic.
The Roberto Cavalli top that she almost threw away — and thank god she didn't! It may have looked odd when she pulled it out of the depths of her wardrobe during a clearout, but when she put it on and paired it with a simple white dress, it really proved its value.
I may not have been a fan of Aleksandr Petrovsky, but I am grateful that he gifted Carrie this incredible pink Oscar de la Renta dress right out of the pages of Vogue, just so we could witness it.
This Jean-Paul Gaultier dress may not have belonged at the stiff Upper East Side party she wore it to, but it was obviously the best look of the whole night.
Carrie was nailing kitsch florals and big belts before the rest of us, championing the way forward for this perfect summery weekend look.
Let's take a moment to honour this truly iconic look...and that bustled Vivienne Westwood skirt. It's giving sexy rabbit tail, and, somehow, it works.
Carrie getting caught in the rain in this bold, rainbow look was a New York fashion moment to remember.
Back with another great tulle moment, this is a classic Carrie nighttime look. Classy with a bit of eccentricity thrown in.
Quirky, bold and colourful — just like Carrie.
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