15 Basic White T-Shirts You’ll Wear Again & Again

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Finding the perfect white t-shirt is like finding the best white paint: a seemingly simple task that's complicated by the number of options available.
What shade of white works best? The answer is different for everyone (that's why there are so many choices) and the same applies to a white t-shirt. One person's perfect white tee is another's ill fitting mess. But trust us, everyone needs at least one utterly supreme white tee. And when you finally find the one, you might next find yourself analysing every white tee that comes within your line of sight.
There are three essential, make-or-break factors to consider here:
#1. Fabric weight: There are a lot of variations and thicknesses between types of jersey, which then affects how the shirt hugs and feels on your body, and what bras you should wear underneath.
#2 Armpit Moveability: There is nothing more heartbreaking than taking the tag off your new white tee, lifting your arm to grab something, and having your full belly exposed. We didn't sign up for a t-shirt that moonlights as a crop top! (Unless that's what you're going for, of course.)
#3. Collar Design: How the very top of a t-shirt sits on your neck sets the tone for the rest of the whole fit. An unstructured collar means a loosey-goosey shirt that needs constant adjusting, and a thicker collar has the potential to be too tight on your neck.
Once you find your white tee, don't ever let it go (no stains, no "lending" it to a friend). Ahead, we've compiled the best 15 options to save you the trial-and-error.
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