Where Are All The Masterchef Australia Winners Now?

Sitting in front of the telly to watch eager cooks battle it out to become our nation's Masterchef has become a familiar ritual for many since the first season in 2009.
Since that fated year, the Masterchef franchise has continued to grow and our love of it hasn't wavered. Not only is it enjoyable for foodies, but it's also a TV platform that helps people — particularly women of colour — thrive on their own terms.
We've seen more than a dozen Masterchef favourites go on to win the title of Masterchef and have their name etched into the dish-shaped trophy. But after they hang up their aprons in the cooking hall, where do they go?
Success looks different to every Masterchef contestant. For some, it looks like opening up their own restaurant, for others, it's putting family first.
Here, we round up every single winner of Masterchef Australia and see what they're up to now (and where you can follow them).
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