How To Save Money, Based On Your Personality Type

Managing our money to set ourselves up for the future has never been more important. But for those of us who can barely stick to a skincare routine let alone a budget, it can feel like we're getting it wrong. Well, we're here to tell you that you're certainly not alone, and that the answer to your coin-saving woes may come down to tailoring your approach to suit your 'money personality'.
Now, we all have a different relationship with money and sit at varying levels of financial savviness, but according to Clare Framrose, Head of Savings at Atom Bank, there are six distinct types of money personalities, and understanding these can help a lot when trying to optimise your savings.
Even if you're not looking to gather a substantial nest egg for property or a large investment, it's worth understanding your money habits and getting ahead of any of the more problematic tendencies that may come back to bite you in the future.
Getting to know your money personality means looking at the role money plays in your life and using those insights to inform the ways of saving that best suit you and your lifestyle. To nudge us in the right direction, Framrose breaks down her advice on how each of these classic money personalities should go about saving, as well as the psychology behind it all.
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