Your Sign’s Money Habits, Explained

Illustrated by Richard Chance.
The way we spend money unearths a lot about us: taste, values, aspirations, culture, creature comforts, guilty pleasures, priorities. But most of all, it reveals our habits, the little behavioural choices that make us who we are. Plenty of these behaviours are inherited from our upbringing and shaped by our current financial realities, but our zodiac signs also have a surprising amount of influence on how often we're swiping that card.
In my work as an astrologist, helping people heal their finances, I’m constantly looking at the correlations between clients' astrology and their habits, motivations, and blocks around money. That's why I’ve compiled a spending profile for each zodiac sign geared towards helping you understand yourself and your wallet a little bit better.
Whether you’re a security-driven Cancer or an impulse-driven Sagittarius, take a look to see what your sun sign says about how you spend your dollars, and utilise that knowledge to build the brightest possible future for yourself. And remember: The only bad spending is spending that is not in alignment with your values and priorities. Take ownership of who you are and what you choose to spend on. Do it with your eyes wide open, and be proud of the choices you make.

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