The Perfect Sock Does Exist & I’d Know Because I Found It

Photo: Courtesy of Angela Law
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Tracking down special wardrobe items that we can keep and cherish for years to come is one of our favourite ways to spend time. Whether it’s a statement shoe that magically goes with every outfit or a handbag that sparks endless joy every time we sling it over our shoulder — not to mention the investment pieces we’ve bought to mark a big moment in our lives. 
But that’s not what we’re talking about today. Because I’ve found a perfect sock that suits basically every shoe and outfit in my wardrobe, and that’s worth preaching about.
For background, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect crew sock for over a year. I needed a sock that was just the right thickness; not so thick that it made my feet sweaty but not so thin that it was sagging before lunchtime. It also needed to hit at just the right height to elongate my leg visually, rather than awkwardly cutting it off at mid-calf or chopping my ankle in half. I wanted colour options and a breathable fabric, plus, it needed to look good with my Mary Janes and also my sneakers.
In short, this sock had a lot to live up to. 
I've tried many crew socks, but honestly, most of them either made me feel like I was about to hit the netball court or go to school — neither of which were the look I was going for. Then, a few weeks ago, I was flicking through Instagram Stories and was stopped in my tracks by what I've now confirmed to be the perfect fashion sock. I immediately suspected it would be The One, and not just because it was the extremely stylish Sydney-based creative, Ally May Carey, wearing the sock (though that alone is a ringing endorsement).
After pouncing on Ally in her DMs and finding out that she was wearing the Country Road Ribbed Quarter Crew Sock, $14.95, I immediately bought three pairs (for a discounted $34.95) and have been raking in the compliments ever since.
Made from 69% Australian cotton (the remainder is a blend of polyester, nylon, and elastane), they have a 4.8-star rating on the Country Road site (including a staggering 271 five-star reviews), with people praising the sock for being just the right length for ankle boots, comfy, and not fading in the wash. It takes a truly great sock to inspire such enthusiastic reviews (see: the one you're reading right now), but there’s just something uniquely satisfying about finding an affordable staple item that just does its job — and does its job bloody well.
This isn't a sock I wear when working out, mainly because I do usually want a thicker fabric for such occasions. Rather, it's the sock I slip on with my leather Mary Janes before I head into the office, or my sneakers for a relaxed daytime look. Because while they aren't extortionately expensive by any means, I do feel like they're worth reserving for more polished outfits as a comfortable style choice.
This year, we've seen crew socks, and socks of all shapes, thicknesses and styles, breakthrough into true fashion-statement territory. Street style galleries from Copenhagen Fashion Week were flooded with women wearing socks with summer heels for a more winter-appropriate style. This trend also flowed onto the runways, with knee-high socks styled with heeled mules and slingbacks on the Anna Sui and Ancuta Sarca runways.
I plan on wearing these socks every day and with every outfit, all winter long. And if the trend passes and I no longer like the look of socks with slingbacks (though I refuse to believe that will happen), well, they're just socks, babe! I'll wear them to the gym and still get great wear out of them for the rest of their lifetime.
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