15 Looks To Kickstart Your Transition Into Autumn-Ready Office Wear

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Along with some confusing transitional weather, March has brought with it a new phase of pandemic life, with many of us beginning to head back to our offices. Be it a few days here and there or a looming date marked in the calendar, going back to a pre-pandemic work environment feels quietly momentous — and not least because it heralds the return of real, meeting-appropriate attire.
The only issue with that — other than the problem of living with 'hard pants' again —  is that the completely unpredictable Aussie weather means that outfit planning for the beginning of autumn isn't without its difficulties. With running upstairs to throw on a jumper no longer an option, we're welcoming back the capsule wardrobe for work. Happily, plenty of stylish people on the Internet have already kickstarted our desire for smart autumnal style, inspiring us with versatile wardrobe pieces that make getting dressed feel like less of a slog.
Whether you want to inject some personality into your corporate clothing or update your beloved WFH aesthetic for co-work space re-entry, we’ve scoured social media to find the best outfits on offer this season. With autumn upon us, these water-cooler-adjacent looks are perfect for both humid morning commutes and chillier post-5pm drinks.
To tap into the best back-to-office outfits and to shop our favourite picks, scroll on.
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